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RV Accidents are on the Rise in Texas. If You’re a Victim, We Can Help

Texas seems to have more than its share of recreational vehicles on its roads and highways. Have you notices how many of them have out-of-state plates? Lots of folks want to visit us here in Texas. And who can blame them?

A lot of these oversized vehicles are as large as passenger buses and 18-wheelers — and almost as heavy. Texas law requires its drivers to carry a Class A or B license to legally operate an oversized vehicle like an RV. But many other states don’t require special permits to be able to drive RVs. And yet, they still drive them to Texas. Operators of these vehicles have a duty as great as  that of drivers of 18-wheelers or buses to keep the roads safe for the rest of us.

But it doesn’t always work out that way. When these unqualified drivers bring their giant rigs into Texas, they increase the danger of a crash on the highway, injuring or killing people in smaller vehicles.

RVs are More Than “Hotels on Wheels” and Pose Many Unique Dangers

Common vehicles in the rather broad “RV” class include:

  • Large Class A luxury motor homes (Winnebago’s, etc., many weighing 40,000 pounds or more)
  • Medium Class B camper or “pop up” vans – which can weigh 10,000 pounds or more
  • Class C single chassis large truck-type vehicles
  • Truck or pop-up campers
  • Travel trailers (often called “caravans,” many so large they need “gooseneck” connections)
  • Park model RV (like a tiny house on wheels)
  • A “fifth wheel” trailer (such as a folding camping trailer)
  • Horse trailer or other flat trailer that carries off-road vehicles – which when fully-loaded weigh 10 tons or more.

In the wrong hands, RVs – especially “oversized” Class A types – are dangerous machines.  Add an incompetent driver to their size, weight, inability to quickly stop, or maneuver nimbly, and they’re rolling menaces. An RV can outweigh smaller vehicles by as much as 15 to one.  Some of the most common traits include:

  • Rollovers: Tall, narrow RVs are much more likely to roll or tip over. Class A’s are especially susceptible when negotiating a curve, swerving to avoid a road obstacle or when buffeted by high winds.
  • Rear-End and T-bones: Class A RVs can range up to 30,000 pounds, putting them well into the “large truck” category. This weight increases their stopping distance and force of impact in a wreck. Many smaller RVs, which may be overweight for their chassis, present similar dangers.
  • Defective vehicle parts: Unsafe tires can cause RV wrecks. Many are parked for a long period of time before the driver just “fires ‘er up,” packs in the family and heads down the road. Did the driver check the tires? Was the RV properly serviced after sitting unused for so long?

Other RV collision types – sometimes fatal – include:

  • Sideswiping a car in an adjacent lane
  • Hitting a biker or pedestrian when making a right turn – known as a “squeeze play”
  • Plowing into a car when the RV is making a left turn and the driver misjudges his clearance
  • Equipment improperly secured to the roof or back of the RV can break loose and cause a wreck.

Injuries from an RV Wreck are Similar to Those From a Bus or 18-Wheeler Accident

An RV accident can cause catastrophic injuries like those in large commercial vehicle collisions. They can include:

  • Crush injuries
  • Serious internal organ damage
  • Amputation of a leg or arm
  • Catastrophic orthopedic injuries (broken bones/ligaments)
  • Serious back, neck, or spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Wrongful death.

If you or a family member has been injured in a wreck caused by a negligent or incompetent RV or motor home driver, there’s probably extensive damage to your property, along with serious injuries yourself and passengers. And the greater the damage – which could total seven figures – the more aggressive the negligent RV driver’s insurance company is likely to be in disputing your claim.

We at Guajardo & Marks have the experience to deliver the best possible outcome for you after being seriously injured in an RV accident. If you’ve been injured, or a family member has died, let us protect your right to collect damages for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and every other dollar that should rightfully go to you and your family. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 972-774-9800 to schedule a free consultation.

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