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Every day, we get into our cars and take for granted that we’ll get to our destination unscathed. Yet, the numbers show us, our plans can be disrupted by a serious car accident. This begs the question: Why do these accidents happen so frequently?

Every two minutes and 13 seconds, a person is injured in a vehicle accident in Texas. In Dallas alone, there were 27,734 total crashes in 2014.

There’s a commonly held notion that accidents “just happen.” At Guajardo & Marks, we have represented the rights of many Dallas vehicle accident victims, and we can tell you first-hand that this is not the case. The majority of vehicle collisions are preventable. Accidents often stem from the negligence of another driver, including drunk driving, distracted driving, driver fatigue and reckless driving (speeding, improper lane shifts, etc.).

Accident Cases We Can Help You With

  • Drunk Driving Crashes in Dallas – In 2014, there were 1,329 DUI crashes in Dallas. In 2013, Texas led the nation in drunk driving deaths, with 1,337 fatalities. Many resources that other states use to crack down on drunk driving, like sobriety checkpoints, are not used in Texas.
  • Dram Shop Laws/Cases – When a drinking establishment lets a visibly intoxicated patron drive, they might be held liable for their role in an ensuing accident. This is known as a “dram shop law” and, in Texas, an establishment can be held in varying degrees of liability for damages that occur as a result of a vehicle accident.
  • Dallas Interstate Accidents – In 2014, there were 64 fatalities on Dallas interstates (63 urban and 1 rural). These heavily trafficked roadways play host to many traffic collisions: I-35E / Stemmons Freeway; Lyndon B Johnson / 635; US 75; E R L Thornton Fwy / IH 30 / US 67; Woodall Rodgers Fwy / SS 366; SH 183; and, Dallas North Tollway.
  • Dallas Rollover Accidents – Pickup trucks and SUV’s have a higher number of rollover accidents. In 2013, 7,067 passenger vehicle occupants died in rollover crashes. Rollover accidents can also lead to a person’s being ejected from a vehicle, which increases the chances of a fatality.
  • Large Truck/Semi Accidents – In 2014, there were 3,180 crashes involving commercial motor vehicles in Dallas. CMV’s include large trucks (tractor-trailer/semi-trucks) and buses. These crashes are especially dangerous for the occupants of the smaller vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Commercial Truck Accidents – According to the Texas DOT, in Dallas alone, in 2015, there were 48,999 motor vehicle crashes with 259 fatalities and with 18,322 injuries; there were 273 commercial motor vehicle crashes, with 31 fatalities.
  • Car Accidents and Vehicle Accident Fatalities – In 2014, there were 154 fatalities in Dallas vehicle accidents. Because there are so many passenger cars on our roadways, they are involved in more accidents than other vehicle types. In fact, there were 1,678 passenger car fatalities in Texas, more than any other kind of vehicle.
  • SUV Crashes & Pick-up Truck Accidents – In 2014, SUVs and pickup trucks accounted for 2,051 fatalities and 9,130 accidents that resulted in incapacitating injuries. Due to their high center of gravity, these vehicles are also more common in rollover accidents.
  • Intersection Accidents & Collisions Caused by Speeding – In 2014, 344 people lost their lives because of a speeding driver in Texas. While the majority of those killed were the drivers themselves, many were passengers of the speeding car or occupants of the non-speeding car. There were 823 fatalities in crashes at intersections or related to an intersection.
  • Distracted Driving in Dallas – In 2014, distracted driving caused over 6,000 vehicle accidents in Dallas County, including 17 fatalities. While the term ‘distracted driving’ can encompass many different things, it frequently includes the use of a mobile phone. Driving while texting or talking on a cell phone, changing your stereo, using a GPS, eating or grooming are all activities associated with distracted driving.
  • Head-on Collisions & Side Impact Crashes – Head-on collisions are some of the most fatal of all major vehicle accidents. In 2014, 581 people died in head-on collisions in Texas. Side-impact accidents often occur when someone merges or shifts lanes without properly checking for other cars.
  • Dallas Boating Accidents – In 2015, the U.S. Coast Guard tallied over 4,000 boating accidents in the United States. Those boating accidents resulted in 626 deaths, over 2,600 injuries and over $40 million worth of property damage. There are many reasons that a boating accident may occur; however, it is most frequently due to human error.

Have You Been Injured in a Vehicle Collision?

The suffering of victims in a major vehicle accident come in many forms. In addition to physical and emotional pain of the victims and their family members, there are also other damages that must be faced: loss of income, loss of work capacity, steep medical bills, ongoing medical treatment and psychological pain and suffering. It can feel as though nothing can be done to help cope with these hurdles. However, if negligence was the cause of your vehicle accident, then someone can be held responsible to give you compensation for the damages you’ve incurred.

Common Injuries of Motor Vehicle Wrecks

Traumatic Brain Injury – 14.3 percent of all traumatic brain injuries occur in motor vehicle accidents. TBI’s can lead to cognitive brain functions; this includes problems with memory, concentration and reasoning.

Spinal Cord Damage – Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States. SCI’s can lead to loss of feeling, pain, respiratory problems, weakness and loss of motor function.

Loss of Limb/Amputations – The loss of a limb or an amputation permanently alters a person’s life in many ways – intense pain, body image issues and loss of work capability and income, to name just a few. When health is not the primary cause of amputation, vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of the loss of limbs.

Organ Damage – Vehicle accidents can cause serious and life-threatening injuries that can’t be detected upon first look. Internal and organ damage in a car collision can impact vital bodily functions and cause damage to the kidney and ureter, intestines, lungs, spleen, liver and many other internal organs.

Wrongful Death – When someone loses their life in a vehicle collision, their loved ones face incredible challenges. In addition to emotional and psychological suffering, there are also financial ramifications – medical bills, funeral costs and loss of income, especially if the deceased was the primary earner. Surviving family members of vehicle accident victims sometimes seek compensation for their losses in wrongful death cases.

Dallas Vehicle Accident Lawyers

The vehicle accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks have helped victims and their families in the wake of serious vehicle collisions. Our experienced legal team will pursue every avenue available to ensure that your case gets the proper attention and care that it deserves.

It is important to act as quickly as possible after a vehicle accident. The actions taken in the short time following a major accident often determines the success of the case.

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A Review From Our Client

One of our daughters was seriously injured in a car accident. Mike Guajardo handled her personal injury case and did a tremendous job. Mike navigated us through the legal landscape which allowed my wife and I to focus on our daughters medical challenges and recovery. He was always available when we had questions and explained everything thoroughly. Mike negotiated with several auto and health insurance companies on our behalf and got great results for our daughter. Mike was professional, easy to work with and negotiated hard for our daughter. I would highly recommend Mike and his firm.

-Len Murrary

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