What to Do After a Truck Accident

What to Do After a Dallas Truck AccidentYou Were in a Truck Accident. What Now?

After a Dallas truck accident, the health of you and your passengers should be your top priority. Once you know everyone is safe and being cared for, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney that specializes in commercial truck accidents. The sooner after an accident you contact an attorney, the better the chance your rights will be protected and fair compensation made possible.

Immediately Call for Help

Immediately after a collision with an 18-wheeler, you should call 911 or local police, alert them of the accident and request emergency medical personnel.

Tractor-trailer accidents result in a higher rate of catastrophic injuries than collisions involving only passenger vehicles. Even if you do not have immediate and obvious symptoms of injury, it’s recommended to undergo a medical evaluation. The signs of some severe internal injuries are not always evident to accident victims, who may be in a heightened physical and mental state in the wake of a wreck.

Talking to Police

Answer police questions honestly, but do not apologize or admit fault for the accident.

Police are there to document the accident thoroughly and objectively. If you or your passengers need to seek compensation for injuries and other damages through a lawsuit, the police report may be critical to your claim.

Talking with Insurance Providers

If you or your passengers were hurt in an 18-wheeler accident, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney prior to making a statement to your insurance provider or the insurance companies of other involved drivers, including the truck driver.

You should not admit fault for the accident or provide a recorded statement to insurance providers. You should also not accept any settlement offers without a lawyer’s review; settlement offers are often inadequate for the long-term needs of those with severe injuries.

Document Accident Details

Gather as much information regarding the accident and the conditions in which the collision occurred. Some specific details to note include:

  • Names, driver’s license numbers, insurance information and contact information for other involved drivers
  • Makes, models and license numbers of other involved vehicles
  • Names and contact details for any witnesses
  • Pictures or video of resulting injuries and vehicle damage

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one were hurt in a tractor-trailer accident in the Dallas or Fort Worth areas, you should contact the truck accident lawyers at Guajardo & Marks to discuss your legal options. Our lawyers have extensive experience helping those who suffered severe injuries in motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligence of others, especially commercial trucking accidents.


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