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Costs Associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Costs Associated with Traumatic Brain InjuryAt Guajardo & Marks, our Dallas catastrophic personal injury lawyers have seen the devastation that serious car and truck accidents can wreak on innocent victims. We have made it our lives to pursue justice and compensation for people like you.

Some of the most awful injuries we’ve seen are traumatic brain injuries. These conditions, which are common consequences of severe auto and truck accidents, often last the rest of your life. And the resulting effects are severe.

And the sad reality is that TBIs also result in massive medical bills. The costs for treating these injuries can quickly skyrocket, and the costs can linger just like the injury. That’s why you should speak to our Dallas personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. We can help hold accountable the party or parties responsible.

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A Lifetime of Costs?

It might sound unbelievable, but studies have found that the lifetime costs of treating a single patient with a TBI can reach $4 million.

Few people have the means to handle these costs themselves. And when you’re the victim of an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to. That’s where the Dallas personal injury lawyers at Guajardo & Marks come in.

How can the medical expenses reach such heights? TBI victims require a tremendous amount of care. Common expenses include:

  • Surgery: In many TBI cases, patients require multiple, intensive brain surgeries. Surgical procedures are always complicated, but brain surgery is especially tricky. These procedures are not cheap.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation: After a traumatic brain injury, patients often have to re-learn how to perform basic physical tasks such as walking or grasping small objects. This requires long, intensive physical therapy, the costs of which are often significant.
  • Lost wages and earning ability: Even with the most dedicated care, many TBI victims are left with diminished earning capacity when compared to their pre-injury lives. It can be difficult to concentrate or think abstractly. This makes it impossible to earn the same sort of living you were able to learn before someone else’s errors hurt you.
  • Medication: TBI victims often require a lifetime of prescription medication. These include painkillers, anti-nausea drugs and a range of other medications. Again, these drugs are seldom cheap, but they’re almost always required if a TBI patient is to safely go about his or her daily life.

Our Dallas personal injury lawyers can help you pursue compensation so that you don’t have to bear these extraordinary burdens yourself. Isn’t it only fair that the person responsible for your condition compensate you for your injury?

No attorney can promise you a specific monetary award or a successful case. But at Guajardo & Marks, we can pledge that we’ll always work tirelessly on your behalf.

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