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Hip Replacement Lawyer A Dallas Hip Replacement Lawyer Can Help

Patients turn to hip replacements or artificial hip implants to improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, some of these metal-on-metal implants can cause further injury or are found to be defective and require additional surgery to remove them.  Although some hip implant models have been recalled, for many, the damage has already been done.

Injuries Caused by Defective Hip Implants

Defective or dangerous hip implants can cause a number of health complications and, in some cases, death during revision surgery.  Some examples of hip replacement injuries include:

  • Metallosis – This can be seen in metal-on-metal implant patients, especially those with sensitivity to metal.  It can cause severe joint pain, implant failure, cysts, necrosis and bone deterioration.
  • Osteolysis –The cause of nearly 75 percent of hip implant failures, osteolysis occurs when the body rejects the implant.  It can eventually lead to the implant loosening from the bone and failing.
  • Infection – While uncommon, infection after hip surgery can lead to further complications and the need for additional surgeries.
  • Heterotopic Ossification – This can occur when the muscles surrounding the hip joint calcify and become stiff.
  • Periposthetic Fractures – These are bone breaks to the area surrounding the implant causing failure.
  • Death – While uncommon, some studies have put the mortality rate for hip replacement surgery at one percent.  This rises to 2.5 percent following revision surgery.

What Hip Implants are Dangerous?

With hip replacement surgery becoming more and more prevalent, there are many different manufacturers and models out there.  Our hip implant attorneys have the experience and resources to handle cases involving:

  • Depuy ASR
  • Biomet M2a-Magnum
  • Strykery (multiple models)
  • Wright (multiple models)
  • Zimmer Durom Acetabular Component

If you or a loved one are not sure what hip implant you have, consult your surgeon or your medical records.  We can also help you find this information.

Our Hip Implant Attorneys Are Ready to Help

If you or a loved one has experienced a complication due to a defective or recalled hip implant, one of our hip implant attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.  You and your family shouldn’t be forced to pay because a hip implant failed.

We can fight to get you the compensation you deserve for medical costs, lost wages, future care and pain and suffering. Our firm is dedicated to enacting change and protecting others from injury. Call or contact us today and let us fight for your right to justice and help you get the money you deserve.

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