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Broken bones are one of the most common types of personal injury. Blunt force trauma and rapid deceleration in auto accidents can easily cause serious bone fractures for drivers and passengers. Whether the car accident was a rear-ender, head-on, or T-bone at an intersection, broken bones are painful and difficult to recover from. If your injury was caused by another person’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. Guajardo & Marks can help you.

Broken bones also are common in falls: Every year more than 30% of U.S. adults over 65 fall, with thousands suffering serious fractures. When those accidents are caused by negligence, the victim may seek financial compensation.

Types of Bone Injuries

Car accident victims frequently have broken bones in the arms, legs, ankles, hips and wrists. Bone fractures are classified according to how the bone was broken. Below are the common types of bone breaks in car crashes and other accidents:

  • Stable fracture: Bone ends are barely out of place and line up as they should
  • Open or compound fracture: Skin is broken by the bone
  • Closed fracture: Skin has not been broken by the fractured bone
  • Comminuted fracture: Bone has been shattered into three or more pieces
  • Incomplete fracture: Bone has been cracked but is not fractured completely
  • Displaced fracture: Bone fragments are not properly aligned where the break occurred.

Bone breaks in car accidents can involving the following serious injuries:

  • Tibia or fibula: When the vehicle is crushed or the legs of the passenger were placed above the seat, he may get serious bone breaks in the lower legs.
  • Arm: The arms are very vulnerable in a car accident. Arm bones can be shattered in serious accidents in a variety of ways, from holding onto part of the car that is suddenly struck, to shielding the head..
  • Ribs: The seatbelt or airbag can crack or fracture the ribs.
  • Wrist and ankle: These joints are relatively delicate and are easily broken in a car accident or fall.
  • Head: It is common for the head to hit the windshield, door pillar or steering wheel, causing a serious skull fracture.
  • Hip: A high-force impact can shatter the hip, pelvic girdle or lower spine.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Broken bone injuries are very painful and debilitating. They can cause intense pain, swelling, poor range of motion, and misshapen joints. In many accident cases, your medical professional will only need an X-ray to confirm your bone injury. X-rays allow the physician to pinpoint where the fracture is, how severe it is, and to determine if there has been injury to nearby tissue. However, a CT scan or MRI may be needed if the X-ray does not show clearly the extent of the injuries.

Most broken bones are treated by immobilizing the body part in a fiberglass or plastic cast. In this way, the bone will be kept in the proper position so it can heal. But if the injury is more minor, the doctor may give you a functional cast or brace so that you still have limited range of motion.

Very often car accident victims do not need surgery to repair a fracture. But in badly broken bones, external fixation may be used with metal screws or pins placed in the broken bone. This is then connected to a stabilization bar outside the body.

Recovery Time

Our body can heal impressively, but fractures can take weeks to months to heal, depending upon the bone and severity of the injury. To speed your recovery, be sure to follow your physician’s recommendations. Keep your appointments and remember to perform any prescribed physical therapy so you can restore muscle strength and joint function.

Following your doctor’s instructions will be important if you later decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. It is critical to show that you have done everything you can to heal from your injuries when negotiating with the insurance company or presenting a case in court.

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Broken bones are common injuries in car accidents and falls, and they can be very painful, expensive and difficult to recover from. If the accident was caused by another person’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  The personal injury and accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks can review your accident case at no cost to determine if there is a possibility of financial recovery for your broken bone injuries. Please contact our Dallas office today for a free consultation.

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