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The Dallas personal injury attorneys of Guajardo & Marks have had the honor of representing victims and their families in a variety of personal injury cases from Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout Texas.  We are proud of the multi-millions of dollars in life-changing results we have achieved for our clients. While all clients’ cases are unique to them and we cannot guarantee specific results, we hope this snapshot of our case results will further convince you that choosing our firm is the right decision for you.

You may find that one of these past cases is similar to your situation. If that is the case, we urge you to contact us today for a free consultation.  The sooner you call, the sooner you can get onto the road to financial recovery.

Car Accidents

Our Dallas car accident attorneys have handled hundreds of vehicle accidents and are equipped with the expertise and creativity to pursue the best compensation available. This includes fighting for maximum policy limits, investigating the possibility of vehicle defects and a willingness to take cases to trial if you aren’t satisfied with the settlements offered.

  • Hit by Drunk Driver – A young business man was on his way home from the airport, when a drunk driver hit him head on. The victim suffered multiple injuries, including a broken arm, a fractured shoulder, broken facial bones and several internal injuries. A claim was made against the drunk driver, as well as the victim’s own automobile insurance company for under-insured motorist benefits. The case settled before suit was filed for a significant, confidential amount.  Case Results: Significant Confidential Settlement
  • Rear-ended at a Stop Light – Our firm represented a client who was rear-ended at a stop light. The client suffered whiplash injuries that required extensive physical therapy. The defendant’s insurance company denied the claim, and suit was filed. The case settled for a confidential amount at mediation. Case Results: Confidential Settlement Via Mediation
  • Hit and Run Car Accident – Our client was rear-ended by a car that fled the scene. Fortunately, our client was able to record the license plate number for the hit and run car, which was later determined to be a drunk driver. Our client suffered a broken foot and neck and back injuries. Because the drunk driver had limited insurance coverage, we also made a claim on our client’s insurance for under-insured motorists benefits or UIM. The case settled once our client was released from medical care for the policy limits of the drunk driver’s insurance policy, as well as for our client’s UIM policy limits. Case Results: Settlement Reached for All Policy Limits
  • Client Hit by Uninsured Driver – We represented a client who was involved in a Dallas car accident when she was hit by another car that did not have any insurance. Fortunately, our client had uninsured motorist coverage or UIM on her own insurance, so we were able to make a claim on her behalf. The UIM case settled before suit was filed for a favorable amount. Case Results: Confidential Settlement
  • Intersection Collision – Our injury attorneys obtained a settlement on behalf of a client who sustained a broken leg due to a Dallas car accident.  The client was broad-sided by another driver who ran a red light.  The impact caused the client’s car to rollover and sustain significant damage.  The case was settled pre-suit for a favorable amount. Case Results: Settled Pre-Trial
  • Ran Through a Red Light – Our car accident attorneys represented a Dallas resident who was involved in a wreck caused by someone who ran a red light. As a result of the wreck, the client injured his neck and back, which required physical therapy. The client missed several days of work due to his injuries as well. The case was settled pre-suit for the negligent driver’s insurance policy limits. Case Results: UIM Policy Limit
  • Six-Figure Settlement in Case Against Drunk Driver – We reached a confidential six-figure settlement with the insurance company for a drunk driver who caused a car wreck in Dallas, Texas, resulting in a traumatic brain injury to the client. Unfortunately, there are numerous accidents caused every year in Dallas, Texas because of drunk drivers. If you are a victim of a drunk driver, contact the Dallas injury attorneys at Guajardo & Marks, LLP for a free consultation. Case Results: Confidential Six-Figure Settlement
  • Dallas Car Wreck Settles for Mid Six-Figure Policy Limits – A mid-six figure settlement was obtained on behalf of a woman who sustained a traumatic brain injury from a multi-car accident in Dallas, Texas. The at-fault driver was driving under the influence of drugs and caused a violent impact with our client’s car. The negligent driver’s insurance company tendered their policy limits, and the client’s insurance company tendered the under-insured motorists limits. Case Results: Six-Figure Policy Limits
  • Uninsured Motorist Claim Settled – Our firm obtained a favorable six figure settlement on an uninsured motorists claim or UM claim on behalf of a lady who was rear-ended in Dallas, Texas.  As a result of the accident, our client suffered a herniated disk in her neck, which required surgery.  The at-fault driver did not have any insurance, so we made a claim against our client’s auto insurance policy for her uninsured motorists benefits. Case Results: Six Figure UM Settlement
  • Car Accident Involving Injured Neck and Back –Our firm recently settled a car accident case that occurred in Dallas, Texas, in 2011.  The negligent driver ran a red light and caused a side impact collision with our client’s car.  As a result of the wreck, our client suffered a herniated disk in her neck and back, which required surgery.  The insurance company for the negligent driver initially denied the claim, but after suit was filed, we were able to get the case settled for a confidential amount. Case Results: Confidential Settlement

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

A truck accident in Dallas can have devastating effects.  Because of their sheer size and weight, these accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and death.  It takes an experienced law firm that understands how to approach a lawsuit involving trucking companies and their large legal teams.  Michael and Greg both have a long history of proven success achieving maximum compensation for clients who were injured or lost a loved one due to a truck accident.

  • Side Swiped by an 18 Wheeler Truck accident attorney Michael Guajardo settled a case involving a woman who was side-swiped by an 18-wheeler and pushed into a concrete barrier. She sustained injuries to her knees and lower back, which required several surgeries. Through numerous depositions, Mike discovered that the truck driver had tested positive for drugs during his pre-employment application and he had a lengthy criminal record. His employer eventually admitted that he should have never been hired. The case settled a few weeks before trial for a confidential amount. Case Results: Significant Confidential Settlement
  • Fatal Truck Accident – An elderly man and his grandson were traveling down the road when an 18 wheeler suddenly pulled out from a private driveway in front of them and caused a severe collision. As a result of the accident, the elderly man was killed and the grandson suffered significant injuries, including two broken legs. The case settled before trial for a confidential amount. Case Results: Significant Confidential Settlement
  • Rear-Ended by an 18-Wheeler – Our firm represented a man who was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler on the freeway. As a result, the victim suffered two herniated discs in his neck, which resulted in surgery. During the lawsuit, it was shown that the truck driver was inadequately trained and supervised. The case settled a week before trial for a favorable amount. Case Results: Significant Confidential Settlement
  • Fatal Rear-End Accident – We represented the family members of a gentleman who was killed when he was rear ended by an 18 wheeler on the freeway.  The truck driver was driving while under the influence of cocaine.  Further, the trucking company had failed to properly screen the driver when he was hired, and they allowed him to consistently violate his hours of service by forcing him to drive more than the law allowed.  The case settled during mediation. Case Results: Confidential Seven Figure Amount

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death could be caused by a number of different accidents or factors. Whether it is a vehicle accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or other cause, chances are, we have experience with it.  While we understand no settlement or verdict could ever fill the void left by a loved one, we do know how important it is to hold those responsible accountable.  Compensation for a wrongful death can be integral for a family trying to recover after a tragedy, especially if the loved one who passed away was the primary bread-winner.

Our firm understands the grief and pain caused by the sudden death of a loved one and are dedicated to providing families the personal, compassionate service they need to get through such a difficult and trying time.

  • Medical Negligence – Mr. Guajardo represented the wife and children of an elderly man who died from a pulmonary embolism. The day before his death, the patient went to see his doctor, complaining of pain and swelling in his leg. Despite knowing that the patient had a previous blood clot in his leg years ago, the doctor never looked at the patient’s leg. He ordered a test to be done the next morning. The following day, the patient went to see the doctor again, and while waiting to see the doctor, he collapsed and died in the waiting room. It later was determined that a blood clot had broken loose in his leg and traveled into his lungs, which prevented him from being able to breathe. The case was tried in front of a jury in Fort Worth, Texas. The jury found the doctor was negligent and awarded the family $5.25 million. The judgment was subsequently reduced due to statutory damage caps, and the case was settled for a confidential amount. Case Results: $5.25 Million Awarded – Confidential Settlement
  • Boating Accident – Our firm represented the family of two children who were tragically killed when a safety gate broke off of a pontoon boat, causing the two children to fall overboard. This was a product liability case, involving a defective latch on the safety gate. The case ultimately settled for a sizable confidential amount. Case Results: Significant Confidential Settlement
  • Pool Drowning – Mr. Guajardo represented the mother of a 5-year-old boy who crawled through the iron fencing around an apartment complex swimming pool and fell into the pool and drowned. Through discovery, it was proven that the fencing had gaps that were wider than the city codes allowed. The case settled for a large confidential amount. Case Results: Significant Confidential Settlement

Additional Cases

In addition to the types of cases listed above, our firm is prepared to represent victims of any number of personal injuries.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury – Premises Case – Our firm represented an elderly man who slipped and fell at a business establishment, resulting in a severe traumatic brain injury. The evidence showed that the business owner did not have adequate policies and procedures for inspecting its premises to ensure it was safe for customers. The case settled for a significant amount a few days before trial. Case Results: Significant Settlement
  • Slip and Fall –The Dallas personal injury lawyers at Guajardo & Marks, LLP obtained a confidential six figure settlement on behalf of an elderly woman who tripped and fell due to a dangerous condition.  As a result of the fall, the client broke her ankle, which required multiple surgeries.  During discovery, evidence was revealed that the property owner had actual knowledge of the dangerous condition, but did nothing to fix it.  Subsequent to the case being filed, the property owner finally repaired the dangerous condition. Case Results: Confidential Six-Figure Amount

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