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Guajardo & Marks has provided successful, compassionate and personal service to many clients over the years.  Victims and families from all walks of life have come through our doors for assistance during some of the most difficult times in their lives and it’s our honor to help them.  There is nothing more important to our firm than ensuring our clients and referring attorneys are beyond satisfied with the representation and service we provide.  The following personal injury client testimonials are the ultimate compliment to our legal team and we hope that, if needed, we will have the privilege of helping you and your family one day.

Mike Guajardo represented my son in a lawsuit against a trucking company, and in a separate suit against an insurance agency. He was determined from the beginning to get my son every penny possible. He worked countless hours dedicating numerous resources and personal knowledge to our case. The support staff was nothing less than amazing; making themselves available at anytime to answer any and every question I had (as quick as possible, I should add). My son received settlement money that was invested in two different annuities and will help supplement his audiological impairments as an adult, as well as his college tuition. When choosing an attorney to represent you or a family member in a court of law, you want to know that they are standing beside you on every level, and through every step of the process. Mike Guajardo made us feel like we were family. He explained, in lucid detail, every aspect of the process and was specific to our case. The most important and impressive aspect of Mike, was that he cared-truly, deeply, and honestly. He demonstrated his natural generosity and caring nature in the truest way he could- to ensure my son received as much money as possible toward his case, he waived his attorney fees. There will never be enough words or reviews I can write to express my gratitude. Mike made me realize there just may be Angels- there was one with my son during his accident, and one that made sure he was taken care of afterwards. Thank you Mike Guajardo and Associates for all you have done, and will continue to do. God Bless.

– Rachel Black

If your looking for a Top Law Firm, look no further then Guajardo and Marks. Mr. Guajardo represented me when I was rear ended by a car and had physical damage and car damage. I’m on Medicare which makes it much harder I understand, to handle a case. My Medicare kept making mistakes in my billing from another fall I had that had nothing to do with the car accident. It caused a lot more work and patience by Mr. Guajardo to solve my problem but he won my case. Kacie, his Para Legal is wonderful to work with too. I wish their Firm only the best.

– Peggy Akin

Upon meeting Mike Guajardo and his staff, I was immediately comfortable as well as assured they were efficient, competent, and compassionate. Mike was completely accurate in his determination of my case and his staff was prompt in communicating their fact-finding progress. Mike was extremely professional with a calming but in-control demeanor during depositions and in mediation. Mike Guajardo’s expert knowledge and proficiency resulted in an exceptional settlement of my cases. I highly recommend him as a superior Dallas personal injury attorney.


We were involved in a truck wreck in Dallas, Texas, and we were referred to Guajardo & Marks from another lawyer. Mr. Guajardo and his staff were very helpful and answered all of our questions. They worked hard on our case and got us the compensation we felt was reasonable. I would recommend their law firm to anyone.


My sincere thanks to Mike Guajardo, Greg Marks and their staff for helping me through my medical malpractice lawsuit. From the initial consultation to the finalization, I was impressed with their expert knowledge, honesty and compassion. Having never dealt with a situation like this before, they took time to listen to my concerns and offered insightful recommendations. Mike was very helpful in explaining the overall process and what to expect each step of the way. Any questions I had were quickly responded to in a way that was easy to understand. I am truly grateful to Mike and his team for helping me through this difficult time. His extensive experience helped us achieve a favorable outcome. I would definitely recommend Guajardo and Marks to anyone in need of a personal injury law firm.


I wanted to thank everyone at Guajardo & Marks who worked on my case. You all worked hard on my case, and everyone was so nice and professional in the way you handled things. We really appreciate it very much.


Michael Guajardo represented me in a personal injury case involving a car accident I was involved in Dallas, Texas. I injured my neck and back and the insurance company gave me the run around. I called Michael and he advised me of my rights, and after talking with him, I was comfortable hiring him to represent me. Mr. Guajardo was diligent in pursuing my case, and he kept me informed along the way. Whenever I called his office, he was always available to speak with me. Michael worked hard and fought hard for my case, and he got me a settlement that was very reasonable. I highly recommend Michael and his law firm, Guajardo & Marks, LLP to anyone in the Dallas area who has been injured in a car accident.


The true strength of Mike Guajardo became evident during our mediation session. He dealt with the issues at hand professionally and confidently, creating a calm atmosphere with an outcome beyond our expectations. Michael kept us informed as the meeting progressed and guided us with his experience. We always felt Mike had our best interests at heart.


After an exhaustive search from Texas to California for a medical malpractice attorney with expertise in the complicated field of malpractice, I found an outstanding attorney, Michael Guajardo. Mike was the utmost of professional in assessing and explaining the complexity of injury related settlements and the impact they have on the individual and their family. At the same time, he was compassionate and sensitive to the emotional impact it had on both me and my family as we went through the process. He was diligent and thorough in identifying facts, witnesses, expert witness, and gathering information needed in order to fully present my case. His entire manner throughout my case was thoughtful, meticulous, caring and understanding of my ongoing medical issues. Going through a medical malpractice lawsuit is daunting and Mike helped me walk through every step with a professional attitude that assured me I had the best legal advice working in my favor. I would highly recommend Michael Guajardo to anyone that is faced with such a life changing event.


Michael Guajardo turned my life around. I was involved in a truck wreck and I had initially hired a lawyer who turned out to be someone who I didn’t trust. Michael took over my case and he got me more money than my first lawyer said my case was worth! Michael was always in touch and kept me in the loop through every step. He is very professional, and he takes pride in his work. I have already recommended Michael to other friends.


I was involved in a motorcycle accident in Dallas, Texas,(not my fault) which left me with life long injuries and the empty feeling of “now what.” Through a personal recommendation, I hired Michael Guajardo to represent me. Michael and his knowledgeable, helpful staff walked me through the legal jungle of recovering every cent of property and injury funds I was entitled to. Hopefully I will never be in need of his services again, but if I am, I know where to go. Michael Guajardo gets 5 stars in my book, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone with a personal injury claim in Dallas!


At the age of 60, this was my first time to have the need to hire a personal injury lawyer due to bills not reimbursed after a car accident in Dallas, Texas. I was scared and had no idea what was involved. After a few minutes of telling Mr. Guajardo my story, I was set at ease and he began to take over all those unrestful thoughts and feelings I had been having and gave me a new outlook on my future with this case. For every step of the way, legal and personal, through the deposition and mediation, Mr. Guajardo never left my side, sometimes for hours, reassuring and giving me the help I needed. A stressful situation became bearable and positive. I will always be grateful to Mr. Guajardo and his team for the support during this time.


I was very impressed with the services of Michael Guajardo. He was very prompt about getting back to me and always answered all my questions. I am also very happy with the outcome of my case. I would definitely recommend Michael’s services to others. I felt very comfortable working with him and his staff, and everyone I worked with went above and beyond the call of duty whenever necessary.


I retained Dallas personal injury attorney Michael Guajardo to represent relatives of mine in The Czech Republic. Their son was killed in a pedestrian accident in the U.S. when the car he was a passenger in broke down and they were walking along the side of the road waiting for help. An oncoming car veered off the road and hit their son, tragically killing him. It was a very difficult time for his parents, who lived 5,000 miles away. I was fortunate to find Michael Guajardo to help the family pursue a wrongful death case. The case was not easy, but thankfully due to Mike’s diligent work, a favorable recovery was obtained for the family. Mike became like a part of the family, and we will forever thank him!


My 90-year-old mother fell into a faulty elevator at a nursing home where she was a resident. She broke her shoulder into many pieces. The first lawyer we hired decided that our case would not bring in enough money…so he quit. Michael Guajardo took our case and treated my mother with professionalism and grace. Mike was able to obtain a very good settlement for my mother, and we had no misgivings about the whole process.


Our family wasn’t very experienced with legal matters, and so we had many questions and concerns. Mike Guajardo was friendly and informative, and he made sure we understood everything with clear, straightforward language. It was obvious that he and his team really cared about us, and that his intelligence, experience and energy were completely dedicated to serving our needs. We truly respect this good man.


We have been referring cases to Mike Guajardo for many years. He has always been responsive to our needs, and he treats our clients with dignity and respect. Mike has a proven track record of success. He is hard-working, innovative, persistent and persuasive. We are very pleased to continue to refer our cases to his firm.


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