Category: Construction Site Accidents

Bees a Real Buzz Kill on Galleria Construction Site

June 8th, 2012 by Michael Guajardo

While one or two bees buzzing around your soda don’t pose much of a threat, an entire swarm located on the equipment you are using most certainly does. Such was the case in Galleria recently, when a swarm of bees made their home in a construction crane. A bee stung one construction worker, but no […]

If you are a Texas construction worker, you likely know a lot about Dallas construction site hazards. The more commonly discussed job site hazards include: Falls from a height (i.e., scaffolding and rooftops) Power tools Heavy equipment Electricity Chemical hazards (i.e., gas fumes and asbestos) But something you may not have considered is the threat […]

Do you have an Unsafe Workplace?

April 5th, 2012 by Greg Marks

If you work in road construction, you know that it’s a job that comes with risks. However, as a Dallas construction injury lawyer, I know that there are many things that the contractor you work for and your supervisor or foreman should be doing to protect you from undue risks on the job site. Before Your […]

If so, you are not alone. Electrical injuries, to include burns and shocks, are a risk to all construction workers who work with or near electricity. As a Dallas construction site accident attorney with extensive experience in defending the rights of injured construction workers, I have seen just how much damage an electrical injury can do. When […]

As a Dallas construction site accident attorney, news of a construction accident is always upsetting. I know from experience that too many construction accidents are caused by dangerous working conditions. A recent Travis County construction accident is being investigated by OSHA. The accident occurred on the future site of the newest  Formula-One racetrack. During the accident, […]

Even an untrained eye can spot a dangerous construction truck. Perhaps you notice that the trailer is bouncing around more than it should, that the brake lights of a dump truck are not working, or that the load on a flatbed trailer doesn’t seem to be well secured. Again and again our commercial vehicle accident […]