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Whenever an accident occurs, an individual’s first reaction is generally to see if they’ve been injured. They look themselves over and stretch to make sure nothing is broken; they look for obvious signs of blood from cuts. However, often times, it’s easy to miss even basic injuries — after all, when the adrenalin from the accident or event is still flowing, it can sometimes numb even the most severe pain. Most commonly, though, if nothing is obvious or alarming, an individual will brush themselves off and move on. But just because an injury isn’t visible doesn’t mean it’s not there; it could even be life-threatening. Internal injuries often show no visible signs of damage, often cause little to no pain and are undetectable except by medical professionals.

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What is it?

The Medical Dictionary defines an internal injury as “any injury to the organs occupying the thoracic, abdominal or cranial cavities.” Simply put, an internal injury occurs when a trauma injures an organ, often times causing it to bleed or otherwise perform improperly. This in turn can lead to a variety of issues, from sepsis to death from blood loss.

Two Types of Trauma

According to Web MD, there are two major causes for internal injuries and internal bleeding:

  • Blunt Trauma: This occurs when the body is in a collision. This is the most common cause of internal injuries, and may be caused by slips, falls, assaults and auto accidents.
  • Penetrating Trauma: This type of trauma occurs when a foreign object penetrates the body, causing potential damage to not only blood vessels but to internal organs. This injury occurs most often with assaults, including shootings and stabbings, but may also be caused in car crashes or other types of accidents.

Most Dangerous Internal Injuries

  • Head Trauma: Injuries to the brain may affect the functioning of the rest of the body. If the brain is swollen or hemorrhaging, the injury may be catastrophic.
  • Lungs: Lung injuries may be extremely debilitating. If the lung collapses, the individual will not be able to breathe; if the lungs hemorrhage and fill with blood, the individual may drown.
  • Blood Vessels: Blood vessels — especially the larger ones in the center of the body, including the aorta — transport blood, oxygen and other fluids throughout the body. Trauma or a tear can cause severe blood loss, quickly.
  • Abdomen (liver, spleen, pancreas, etc.): Trauma to these organs may affect their performance; symptoms of injury don’t show as quickly, but the injuries may be just as devastating.


Symptoms of internal injuries are not always obvious; many times they do not even cause pain. However, according to the health journal Thrombocyte, there are a few signs to look for:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Blood in Stool
  • Blood in Vomit
  • Coughing Blood
  • Urine is Bloody
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Compartment Syndrome (swelling in muscles)
  • Shocks
  • Joint Pain.

What to Do

If you have been involved in any type of trauma, from a car accident to a bad fall in rainy weather, put your health first and get checked by a medical professional. Internal injuries are not always obvious, and it often takes someone with the proper training and experience to detect them. Next, contact legal counsel. If the accident was not your fault, they will advise you of your options and whether there is the possibility that you may be compensated for someone else’s negligence.

If you or someone you love has suffered internal injuries, contact Guajardo & Marks as soon as possible. Working from offices in Dallas, Guajardo & Marks has more than 50 years of legal experience and has the knowledge and resources to help with your legal needs. If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment, contact us online or call us at 972.774.9800.

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