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It is common for children to get cuts and bruises as they grow up. Few children can learn how to walk without scraping a knee or elbow or get through school recess without a bruise from time to time. While these minor injuries are just part of growing up, not every childhood injury is minor.

Sometimes children are in catastrophic accidents that cause major injuries, with life-long or even fatal consequences. According to the National Safety Council, serious childhood injuries are more common than you think:

  • Injury is the top cause of death for children. The CDC reports 12,000 children and young adults die in accidents each year.
  • Falls are the top cause of serious, nonfatal accidents in children. Children 19 and younger account for 8,000 annual ER visits.
  • Annually, approximately 100 children die and 254,000 are injured in bicycle accidents.
  • Drowning is the top cause of accidental death for children from ages one to four. Most drownings or near-drownings occur in residential swimming pools.
  • Every year, 2,000 children 14 and younger die in home injuries, primarily burns, suffocation, falls, choking, poisoning and drowning.

The Texas personal injury attorneys of Guajardo & Marks commonly see these types of serious child injuries:


Fractures are very common injuries for children and young adults. This is largely because children are more physically active than many adults. Few people past their mid-20s skateboard, for example.

Fractures are different in children than adults because their bones are more flexible than those of adults. Therefore, the most common types of child fractures are greenstick and torus fractures. Greenstick is not a total fracture; part of the bone fractures, while the other side bends. In a torus fracture, the entire bone bends but does not break, leading to bone weakness that can cause health problems later.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can be devastating and life altering, as the spine is the major deliverer of information between the brain and extremities. Any spinal injury can have devastating consequences. Fortunately, serious spinal injuries are rare among children, with only five percent of all such injuries occurring in children. Common causes of spinal injuries in children are falls, sports injuries, and auto accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

According to the CDC, a TBI is any injury to the skull that causes disruption in normal brain function. The brain is the nerve center of thought and coordination for the body, so any brain injury can have grave consequences. Dangers are higher for infants because their skulls are still soft and not fully protective to the brain.

The brain is not fully developed in childhood, so it is challenging to know what the effects of a TBI will be on their mental abilities. As of 2014, TBI statistics for those from 0-14 were:

  • 2,685 deaths
  • 37,000 hospitalizations
  • 435,000 emergency room visits.

Auto Accidents

The CDC states that auto accidents are one of the most frequent causes of catastrophic child injuries and death. Injuries can range from mild to severe. For small children, the risk of serious injury and death is higher. The CDC reports for children 12 and younger that 663 children died in auto accidents in 2015, and 121,350 were injured in car accidents in 2014.

Unintentional Injuries

The CDC reports that unintentional injuries are the top cause of catastrophic injuries and death for those from 0-19, including poisoning, drowning, burns and falls. Each year, that age group has 12,000 deaths and 9.2 million non-fatal injuries treated at emergency rooms.

Sports Injuries

There are 20 million community-based and 25 million scholastic-based sports groups in America. It is not surprising that sports are the second-leading cause of serious child injuries. Nationwide Children’s reports there are 3 million ER visits each year from child sports injuries, and 5 million visit their primary care physician or clinic.

Catastrophic Injury Costs

When a child suffers a catastrophic injury, most of the financial burden lands on parents and family. Medical costs for caring for a seriously injured child can run into hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. If your child was injured in a serious accident caused by another party, how would you pay for it? Fortunately, there are legal options available to deal with the financial burden. Of course, nothing will ever fully compensate you for the emotional pain and loss of caring for a child who may never be the same again.

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