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There are certain vehicle parts that are more prone to failure than others. The tires equipped on your vehicle are one of the most likely of all parts to cause a crash, a fact validated by the yearly traffic crash report issued by the Texas Department of Transportation.

When a tire blows out or malfunctions, a vehicle can swerve into other lanes of traffic or roll over, causing the occupants serious injuries or death. The Texas defective tire attorneys at Guajardo & Marks have helped many clients that have been injured due to defective vehicle parts, and we can assist you in seeking compensation for any damages you have suffered because of a faulty auto part.

Texas Defective Tire Crashes

In its yearly reports, the TxDOT lists crashes by contributing factor. For the year 2015, the department reported that defective and slick tires caused a total of 2,138 crashes in Texas. Defective and slick tires caused 130 incapacitating injuries and 68 fatal crashes. That’s more than any other defective vehicle part listed by the TxDOT.

Tires are frequently the subject of recalls and have been the reason behind many lawsuits in the United States. One of the biggest examples of defective tires, and the ensuing recall, was the Firestone tire/Ford Explorer recall in the early 2000’s. It is believed that many fatalities and crashes resulted because of these faulty tires and that both Ford and Firestone knew about many of the risks when putting the tires on the market for consumers.

In 2014, ABC News reported on the inadequacies of our nation’s recall system, pointing to the fact that it can be difficult for consumers to find out exactly whether or not the tires equipped on their vehicles have been subject to a recall. Unfortunately, it seems that the only sure-fire way to find out if your tires are being recalled is to contact your manufacturer directly.

Yet, for many motorists, a recall is too little, too late. Some recalls aren’t issued until there have already been enough accidents to warrant action by the manufacturer. If consumers aren’t aware that their tires are faulty or their defective tires have not been subjected to a recall, then the fact remains that they could be driving on tires that are a hazard to themselves and everyone they share the road with.

Defective and faulty tires can cause blowouts, skids or any number of incidents that lead to a serious vehicle crash. If a person is injured because of a defective tire, then they have a right to pursue compensation for the damages they have suffered through a product liability claim. These claims can help motorists receive payment to help them pay for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, lost income, pain, suffering and any other losses they might sustain from faulty tires.

These types of cases can be complex, and it is best to retain the services of an attorney who is familiar with automotive product liability claims. The Texas defective tire attorneys at Guajardo & Marks have built a practice with a reputation for holding manufacturers accountable for the damage their faulty products have caused consumers. Our skilled, experienced attorneys will investigate your case and make sure that those responsible for your damages will be held accountable. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. A consultation is free, and we earn no fee unless we win your case.

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