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Professional drivers face very different demands than the rest of us. There are a number state and federal guidelines that dictate how drivers of commercial motor vehicles must conduct themselves on the road and what employers of commercial drivers can ask of their employees.

Meeting these demands is not always an easy task, but these requirements are put into place due to the fact that commercial vehicle drivers are operating large machines that have the potential to cause serious damage to other motorists. This is precisely why we have laws that hold commercial vehicle drivers accountable to a higher standard.

The commercial vehicle accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks have seen what happens to victims in these terrible accidents, and we know how important it is for professional drivers, and their employers, to adhere to the highest standards of safety.

What is a Commercial Motor Vehicle?

Commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) include vehicles that carry goods, like tractor-trailers, and vehicles that carry passengers, like commercial buses. While the loads they carry can be quite different, the standards placed upon the people that operate them are very similar. They must obtain special licenses, called commercial driver licenses (CDLs), and they must adhere to rules, including the Hours of Service rules, which dictate how long a driver can legally operate a vehicle for a given amount of time.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation releases yearly reports on vehicle accidents. The following statistics, taken from 2014, show how common commercial vehicle accidents are in our state.

  • In 2014, there were 23,327 crashes involving tractor-trailers in Texas, 417 of which causes fatalities and 839 of which resulted in incapacitating injuries.
  • There were 2,127 crashes involving buses in Texas, 12 of which resulted in fatalities and 46 which caused incapacitating injuries.

Possible Damages Caused by Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents

Just like any other type of vehicle accident in Texas, the damage left in the wake of a collision can be calamitous for victims. Possible damages include:


Property Damage:

  • Vehicle Damage
  • Damage to Other Property Struck by Vehicles
  • Damage to Property Within the Vehicle

Financial Loss:

  • Loss in Value of Vehicle
  • Costs of Repairing or Replacing a Vehicle
  • Costs of Emergency Medical Response (Ambulances, Emergency Medical Care)
  • Medical Bills for Initial Treatment at a Facility
  • Ongoing Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Changes in Insurance Payment.

When a commercial vehicle driver’s negligence, or the negligence of their employer, causes a serious accident, victims can pursue legal action to cover the costs of these damages. In most cases, this is done in the form of a personal injury claim, in which a victim seeks compensation for bodily harm and financial losses suffered from the accident. When negligence leads to the death of a victim, that victim’s family can pursue a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for the pain, suffering and financial loss that stems from the loss of their loved one.

What We Will Investigate

We will review the facts of your case to determine whether it is best to take legal action against a driver or the driver’s employer. Many truckers work on contract for shippers or trucking companies, meaning they are self-employed. In these cases, we will likely pursue legal action against the driver. There are many factors that lead to commercial vehicle accidents, and we will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine any underlying and contributing causes.

The Dallas commercial motor vehicle attorneys at Guajardo & Marks have represented many clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims in these types of accidents. The driver of commercial vehicles are often employed by large companies who are prepared for the eventuality of an accident, and they will use every resource to reduce their liability and lessen the amount of money they pay to victims.

You need an attorney that has dealt with these companies before and isn’t afraid to stand up for your legal rights. It is important to act quickly, since the outcome of these cases can often be determined by actions taken immediately following a collision. Contact Guajardo & Marks today for a free consultation. We charge no fee unless we win.

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