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Every day, people in our city get behind the wheel of their car and assume that they will arrive at their destination without being involved in an accident. We might worry about the prospect of a car collision or prepare ourselves for that possibility but, ultimately, we place our trust in our own judgment, the condition of our roads, the reliability of our cars and the competency of other drivers.

Sadly, many Dallas drivers are involved in car accidents every single day. In 2014 (the latest year for which there is complete data), there were 27,734 vehicle crashes in Dallas. Of those incidents, 918 suffered an incapacitating injury and 154 lost their lives. The Dallas car accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks have represented many clients who have been injured in these accidents, and we can tell you that the majority of car collisions are caused by driver negligence.

Examples of Driver Negligence

Distracted Driving – We live in a time when there are more distractions than ever before – phone calls, emails and text messages, to name just a few. When a driver uses a cell phone, the results can be disastrous. But distracted driving extends well beyond the use of a mobile phone. It also includes talking to other passengers, using a car stereo, eating, and grooming; even looking in the mirror can reduce a driver’s focus behind the wheel.

Using data from the Texas Peace Officer’s accident reporting system, the map on your right shows vehicle accidents in Dallas (2015) that involved a distracted driver. With almost 2,000 car accidents in Dallas associated with a distracted driver in 2015, it is evident the massive scale of the problem. How many lives were changed forever because of a distracted driver?

Reckless Driving – Reckless driving can include many unsafe driving practices, including speeding, improper lane changes, tailgating (or following too closely behind another driver) and failing to obey traffic signs.

Driving Under the Influence – Impaired drivers are a hazard to everyone on our roads. In 2014, drunk driving accidents led to 29 percent of all fatalities in motor vehicle accidents.

Drowsy Driving – Studies have shown that driving while fatigued is comparable to driving while intoxicated. These accidents frequently occur late at night, especially if someone is driving home after a long shift at work.

Defective Car Parts – Sometimes, accidents aren’t caused by driver error but by a defective car part. When defective car parts are to blame, the manufacturer can often be held responsible for an ensuing car accident. Defective car parts can include airbags, seatbelts, tires, tail lights, brake lights and head lights.

Intersection Accidents in Dallas, TX

Intersections can be particularly dangerous for drivers. With roads intersecting and traffic crossing across each other they become hot spots for crashes. As vehicles flood into these crossroads, the unpredictable dynamics become extremely risky. Intersections experience a high volume of autos and drivers, add to that pedestrians and bicycles, varied speeds and traffic signals and it becomes clear why street intersections present unique hazards.

Drivers often wonder where the most dangerous intersections in Dallas are. Is it down the road from your house? Is it where you had an accident? We have compiled the following interactive map of Dallas’ most dangerous intersections based on 2015 crash data from the Texas Peace Officer’s crash reports. The map displays only intersection wrecks that included an injury or fatality. While not all incidents are included in the map, it provides a visual guide to the Dallas intersections with the most accidents.

First responders and drivers in Dallas are very familiar with the hazards these intersections present. Some of the most heavily trafficked and dangerous intersections in Dallas include Preston Road and TX-121; Preston Rd and Park Blvd; Belt Line Road and Preston and Belt Line Rd and Midway Rd; Coit Road / George Bush Turnpike; Hebron Parkway and Old Denton Rd; I635 and Coit Rd.; and Loop 288/Lillian Miller Parkway.

How Do Dallas Car Accidents Happen?

How Do Dallas Car Accidents Happen?

Car accidents are a far too common occurrence on our roads. 32,719 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in the United States while Texas was the state which had the greatest number of fatalities with 3,382 individuals losing their lives within our state boundaries. Beyond death, auto wrecks have other hidden victims. There are people who suffer catastrophic loss of earnings and many experience serious permanent injuries. Guajardo & Marks LLP are Dallas personal injury lawyers and we feel that educating our readers about the real causes of car accidents could help people steer clear of such incidents by taking precautionary actions.

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Common Car Accident Injuries

Victims of car accidents can face terrible injuries that diminish their quality of life and leave them with huge medical bills. Injuries resulting from car accidents could include:

Spinal Cord Injuries – A major injury to the spinal cord can cause paralysis, intense pain, loss of strength and loss of bodily functions. These injuries are often permanent.

Traumatic Brain Injuries – Millions of people suffer brain injuries every year, many of them in car accidents. Brain injuries can lead to loss of cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety, severe pain and even death.

Paralysis – Paralysis can occur as the result of major spine or brain injuries. They are also some of the most costly injuries that a person can suffer, costing victims millions of dollars over a lifetime of care.

Amputations – The loss of a body part causes a victim a number of life obstacles, such as phantom pains and disfigurement. These tragic injuries affect thousands of Americans every year and leave victims permanently disabled.

Organ Damage – Damage to major organs is often difficult to detect upon first look, making them extremely dangerous injuries. These injuries can cause serious medical complications and are often fatal.

Serious Injury Accidents in Dallas

When do serious injury accidents occur in Dallas? Are serious car crashes more likely to happen on Mondays or Thursdays? As it turns out, Saturdays had the most auto accidents with serious injuries to either driver or passengers.

Serious Injuries in Dallas Accidents

Dallas Wrongful Death Claims

The worst of all possible outcomes in a car accident is the loss of a loved one. When a victim sustains injuries that lead to a fatality, surviving family members sometimes seek justice in the form of a wrongful death claim. Most immediate family members, including spouses, parents and children, can file wrongful death claims in Texas.

In these cases, families seek compensation for funeral expenses, medical bills and loss of income. Wrongful death claims are frequently used in situations where the deceased was also the primary earner in the family.

Top Causes of Fatal Vehicle Accidents in Dallas, TX

Vehicle accidents that result in a fatality are most often caused by a driver who is drunk, drugged, distracted or speeding. These contributing factors result in more serious crashes that are most likely to result in fatalities. The types of vehicles can also influence the severity of a vehicle wreck and play a role in whether the collision results in a fatality. For example, tractor trailer accidents have much higher fatality rates due to their size, cargo weight and speed. Motorcycles are another example where vehicle type influences fatality rates – even though most motorcycle collisions are the fault of other drivers, not the biker. Here are the types of vehicles most often involved in accident fatalities in Dallas (2015).
Fatal Accidents in Dallas, TX

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