What Is Considered a Serious Injury?

If you were in a car or other type of accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you could have a serious injury. You might have a pile of medical bills you cannot pay, and perhaps you cannot work for weeks or even months. This is why people are able to file personal injury lawsuits. But not every case is worth filing a claim. So what is considered a serious injury that warrants filing a personal injury lawsuit?

There are many types of serious injuries you can have that could warrant a lawsuit, but below are the most common:

  • Brain damage: If a head injury is serious enough, it can lead to brain damage. This means you or loved one could lose critical brain function. Many brain injuries cause long-term problems and disabilities. Even a mild concussion can be serious enough to warrant a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Neck and back: Many car accidents cause neck and back injuries. These types of serious injuries could leave you with a permanent disability. For example, whiplash and herniated spinal discs can cause enough damage to qualify as serious injuries. These cases can be worth tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes much more.
  • Spinal cord: Any injury to the spinal cord is extremely serious. These can cause partial or complete paralysis. This means you lose loss of function of your limbs. Many who suffer such serious injuries are permanently disabled.

Is There Adequate Insurance?

One of the issues with serious injury cases is whether there is enough insurance in place to warrant a claim or lawsuit. Most people do not have enough money personally to pay large claims in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. If there is not enough insurance coverage, regardless of the serious injury, your personal injury attorney may not be able to obtain enough funds to make the claim worth it.

A serious personal injury case that involves a trial can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, when you first contact your personal injury attorney, one of his first jobs is to find out whether there is enough insurance to pay you and pay him his fee for his services.

In some serious injury cases, there may be a major corporate defendant, such as a government agency or Federal Express. If there is insurance available in the millions of dollars, it is definitely possible to obtain enough compensation to make the case worth pursuing.

The personal injury attorney you consult will quickly be able to tell you whether your serious personal injury case has enough insurance involved to make it a strong legal case.

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