How do I choose the right lawyer for a TBI injury case?

If you or your loved one has been hurt in a traumatic brain injury accident, it will be important to choose the right lawyer for your TBI case. At Guajardo & Marks, we have the years of experience needed to help you to maximize your potential settlement compensation for serious brain injuries.

As you are looking for a traumatic brain injury attorney for your case, keep these tips in mind:


  • Do not hire a TBI attorney without doing an interview of at least two. Not every TBI personal injury attorney is the same. There can be vast differences in legal experience and skill.
  • Do not hire an attorney who does not take plenty of time to review your case and your rights.
  • Do not hire a lawyer with little TBI case experience. These cases are very complex legally and medically; some of the injuries may not be plainly visible to the eye. You want an attorney who knows how to prove through expert testimony that you or your loved one suffered a serious injury.


  • Ask the lawyer about their case results specifically in TBI cases. Ask how many jury verdicts that attorney has had for TBI victims. Do not be shy about asking about their level of success in TBI cases. TBI injuries are expensive, and often life-changing.
  • Hire an attorney who is not good just at settlement negotiations but one who is good at handling a trial. Getting a win at trial is a different ballgame than settlement negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Your lawyer should have the experience and resolve to advise you to NOT take the settlement money being offered if you are not being properly compensated. A good question to ask the attorney is, what was the biggest settlement offer you ever told a TBI client to reject, and how much did the jury give that person?
  • Ask the attorney if they have any reports or literature that discusses their verdicts in TBI cases. Trial attorneys – good ones – have big egos. So if they have big verdicts in their past, they surely have these well documented.
  • Be certain the attorney you meet is the one that handles the TBI case. You do not want a junior attorney handling your TBI case that could be worth millions of dollars to you.

TBI cases are among the highest-award personal injury cases, so you want to have a top-notch personal injury attorney working for you.

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TBIs can involve serious concussions, brain injuries and consequences that affect one’s ability to walk, talk, work and much more. These are very serious injuries, and you need a very serious attorney in your corner. Be sure to talk to Guajardo & Marks today to discuss your TBI case. There is no charge for the initial consultation. Call us today.