How to Choose a Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer

Did you know there were more than 6.2 million reported car wrecks in 2015 alone? That adds up to 17,250 car accidents per day in the United States. If you have been able to avoid a car wreck for several years, you are lucky. Odds are, a person will have at least one car wreck during their lifetime.

If you get into a car wreck in Dallas, you will want a good car accident lawyer. If you are not sure how to choose a good one, here are some pointers to ensure you have the best lawyer in your corner.

#1 Ask for Referrals

What is the first thing you tend to do when you need a roof done on your home or want to try a new steak restaurant? You ask friends and family what they recommend. Recommendations or references are an excellent way to find restaurants, contractors, AND car wreck attorneys. With so many car crashes happening in growing Dallas each year, you can bet that someone you know has needed a good attorney at some point.

At the very least, asking for attorney referrals will give you a list to start from to narrow your options.

#2 Pick an Attorney With Car Wreck Experience

When you are dealing with a serious car accident with injuries, now is not the time for a newly minted attorney to learn the ropes on your case. You will want a car accident lawyer in Dallas with years of proven experience – ideally with both strong settlement and trial results.

#3 Find an Attorney With Strong Communication Skills

Have you ever gone out with someone who never would answer your calls or messages? Imagine having a car accident attorney who will not get back to you about the status of your case or this or that piece of evidence. How frustrating! Attorneys are busy, but they should be available to return your calls and messages within one business day. If they are so busy, they cannot get back to you for five days, you may want to find another attorney.

#4 Find a Hardball Lawyer

A car wreck means wrangling with insurance companies. Insurance companies intend to leave you with as little compensation as possible. They will offer you the smallest settlement they think you will take. A good Dallas car wreck lawyer will flick off these lowball offers and will advise you appropriately. You deserve a lawyer with a strong reputation for pushing auto insurance companies for the best settlement.

If you choose a Dallas car accident attorney with these attributes, you should be able to get the best possible award or settlement for your accident injuries.

Have You Been Hurt in a Dallas Car Wreck?  Call a Personal Injury Attorney Now

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