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Here Are the Most Dangerous Zones Around Large Trucks

When a fatal accident occurs between a truck and a passenger vehicle, the driver of the smaller vehicle is more likely to be killed, according to Consumer Reports. To reduce the chances of being in a serious crash with a tractor trailer, there are some basic safety tips you should follow.

Generally, truckers have been trained to be constantly watching their surroundings when driving. Drivers of passenger vehicles need to watch just as carefully when they are driving near a large truck. Unfortunately, some passenger vehicle drivers do not pay as close attention as they should when driving near a truck. For example, you should never be talking or texting on a cell phone when driving near a truck.

To reduce the chances of being in a serious crash with a truck, safety experts recommend the following:

Pass on the Left Side

When you are passing a truck, it should be in the lane to the truck’s left. You should get around the truck as quickly as you can without driving too fast. Truck drivers have a blind spot over their left shoulder. If you stay next to the truck for too long, it is possible that the truck driver could ‘lose’ you and drift into your lane and cause an accident.

Driving in Front

When driving in front of a tractor trailer, you should be at least 20 feet ahead. This means that you should be able to see the truck’s lights and front bumper. You should be at least that far away from the truck if you are passing and moving in front of the truck. Remember that trucks take 40% longer to stop than a passenger vehicle. If the truck is too close and you have to slow down, a very serious accident could happen.

Driving Behind

If you are driving directly behind the tractor trailer, experts advise staying at least 30 feet back. If you are following too closely, you may not be able to stop in time if the truck makes a sudden stop. Also, note that trucks kick up a lot of debris because there are 18 tires on the vehicle. Staying farther back ensures that your car will not be damaged by flying rocks and other road hazards.

Driving on the Right Side

Experts say there are two important things to remember about driving on the right side of big rigs. First, you should not pass a truck on the right side if you can avoid it. Truckers have a big blind spot on the right side, and this can be very dangerous. Second, on city streets, trucks usually need an extra lane space to make a safe right turn. If the trucker has his right turn signal on, you should not try to pass on the right side, or you could end up in a bad accident.

Were You Hurt in a Tractor Trailer Accident? Call An Attorney Now

Tractor trailers are big and heavy, and sometimes truck drivers drive irresponsibly. When they do, a serious or even deadly accident can occur. If you or your loved one was hurt by a truck driver, you could be entitled to compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. The attorneys at Guajardo & Marks can help you get the compensation you deserve for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost earnings. Call us now for more information.