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Texas Should Crack down on Reckless Drivers

The old saying is that speed kills. We all have heard those words countless times since we learned to drive, and it is the truth. Yet millions of Americans regularly speed in their daily driving. Many drivers think that speeding is not dangerous, but statistics show that speeding was a factor in 27% of fatal car accidents in 2016. Speeding also is expensive: The NHTSA reports that the annual cost to society for all speeding-related crashes is $40 billion.

Recent data shows that some states are tougher on speeding and reckless driving than others. Is it surprising that the state with some of the fastest speed limits in the country has some of the most lax enforcement of the law? According to a recent report by WalletHub.com, Texas is the most lenient state for enforcing speeding and reckless driving. This might seem surprising since the state has a reputation for law and order.

The WalletHub survey ranked Texas last regarding speeding and reckless driving for several reasons:

  • Texas does not define reckless driving in terms of miles per hour over the speed limit. In Arkansas, for example, a driver going 15 mph or more over the limit is considered reckless.
  • There is no state law that prohibits street racing, although many cities do have such laws.
  • Speed cameras are not used for automated enforcement.
  • There is no minimum jail time or suspension of a driver’s license for a first-time reckless driver.
  • Motorists in Texas are not fined as much as those in other states for speeding and reckless driving. In Texas, the minimum fine for your first and second reckless driving offense is $200. Other states have fines that range from $500 all the way to $5,000. Texas also has high speed limits, with an 85 mph speed limit on Texas 130 near Austin. There also are 80 mph speed limits on stretches of I-10 and I-20 in West Texas.

Texas Police Allow Some Degree of Speeding

Many drivers in Texas have noticed that law enforcement often allows a buffer of three to 10 mph over the limit before they will pull a driver over. This is probably not an official policy, but some police officers feel it is a better use of limited state resources to pull over only the worst offenders.

Unfortunately, speeding kills approximately 10,000 people per year across the country. If police in Texas started to crack down on speeding, there is little doubt that the number of serious and fatal car accidents would fall. Guajardo & Marks personal injury attorneys hope Texas law enforcement will start to hold more speeding drivers accountable in 2018.

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