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Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers

We are still in the heat of summer in Texas, but it will be over before you know it! September is when most children head back to school. It is important for children, parents and drivers to remember some critical safety tips for pedestrians, bikers, and bus riders. Our pedestrian, bicycle and bus accident lawyers at Guajardo & Marks hope that all readers review these important safety guidelines offered by the National Safety Council to keep children safe and healthy throughout the year.

Getting to School

Whether a child takes the bus, rides their bike or walks to school, they need to remember these tips. Drivers also need to keep an eye out for all children who are on their way to school. It is estimated that 19 school age children are killed in school bus-related accidents per year, and more die in pedestrian accidents. If everyone does their part, all children can get where they need to go safely.


  • Children should always walk to school on the sidewalk. If there is not a sidewalk, then walk in the street but face traffic.
  • Before crossing the street, the child should look left, right and left again. Drivers should never speed in designated school zones.
  • Children should never run in front of traffic, and drivers should be watching for children in school zones.
  • No one – neither children nor drivers – should text or talk on a cell phone when they are walking/driving.
  • Children should never be walking with headphones on.

Bike Riders

  • All riders should have an approved helmet that is properly fitted.
  • Bikers must ride on the right side of the road. Drivers should give them at least three feet of clearance.
  • Watch out for drivers who may change lanes without warning or open doors into a bicyclist.
  • Wear bright colored clothes. Drivers should be always looking for children going to school on a bike during the morning and afternoon in school zones.

Bus Riders

  • Children should use caution when getting on and off a bus. Drivers must stop for buses when red lights are flashing.
  • Seat belts should be worn on the bus if available.
  • Students should walk no less than 10 feet in front of the bus.

Generally, drivers must watch carefully for children who are walking, riding a bike or taking a bus to school. Remember not to block the crosswalk, and to always yield to anyone in a crosswalk. When you are stopping behind or near a school bus, keep an eye out for small children at all times.

Was Your Child Injured On the Way To School? Call An Attorney Now.

The school year will start soon. This time of year has a higher number of child injuries and deaths as they are traveling to and from school. If your child has been hurt or killed by a negligent driver, you should remember that you could be entitled to compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. The attorneys at Guajardo & Marks can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us now for more information.