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Improving Road Safety Through… Optical Illusions?

Pedestrian deaths in the U.S. are on the rise, with almost 6,000 killed in 2017 alone. Pedestrian deaths climbed by 27% from 2007 to 2016, even though other types of traffic accidents dropped by 14%. It is believed that with a better economy, more drivers are on the roads, and more are also distracted by cell phones.

Given the seriousness of the problem, safety advocates have been looking for ways to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries. Some are looking to Iceland.

A town in Iceland has been using optical illusions on the streets to boost traffic safety. A pedestrian crosswalk illusion is painted on the street to make it look like there are barriers on the road that can damage a vehicle. When the driver is approaching this illusion, it is natural for drivers to slow down. City officials say the optical illusion is much more effective than a road sign telling drivers to slow down. It is believed the image on the road tricks the driver into thinking they will damage their car if they do not slow down.

A similar effort was made recently in India. Two artists painted several stripes on a road to make it look 3-D. It was also an effort to get drivers to slow when they came to a crosswalk.

While many speeding, distracted drivers may slow down for a crosswalk, they will always slow down for things that may damage their car, such as potholes, curbs and debris in the road. Any time they see an illusion that looks like a barrier in the road, they are more likely to slow to ensure they do not hit the obstacle at high speed.

Some safety advocates would like to try these types of things in the U.S. According to a blog in real estate called Curbed, there is one intersection in San Francisco that had a very high number of pedestrian accidents in the last six years. It is believed that if 3-D images were painted on the crosswalks of the intersection at Market and Fifth streets, it would reduce the number of pedestrian injuries that happen at this intersection each year.

Drivers need to remember that they must pay close attention to the road and to always stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. If they do not and they injure a pedestrian, they can face very serious criminal and civil consequences.

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