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Don’t Forget These Fireworks Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is upon us. Each year, thousands of people (usually teenagers and children) are hurt by consumer-grade fireworks. Even though we all know intuitively that fireworks can be dangerous, far too many people do not take the risks seriously.

The National Fire Protection Association recently published a web page detailing the number of fireworks injuries per year, as well as critical safety tips.

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Fireworks Injuries by the Numbers

The NFPA reports that fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires every year, causing 1,300 building fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 16,900 outdoor fires. These fires typically lead to three fatalities, 40 injuries and $43 million in property damages.

The association also reported that U.S. emergency rooms treat an average of 11,900 people for fireworks injuries each year; 51% of them were to the arms, hands, legs or feet, and 41% were to the head. Children under the age of 15 accounted for one-quarter of the fireworks injuries estimated in 2015.

Important Safety Tips for the 4th of July

As we all know, fireworks are used to mark major holidays, including Independence Day and New Year’s. But experts warn that fireworks are not safe in the hands of consumers. Even though you can buy certain fireworks in some states, safety advocates advise against consumers handling fireworks at all. The NFPA notes that it is opposed to all use of consumer fireworks — and this includes sparklers and firecrackers. They recommend the following:

  • If you really want to see and enjoy fireworks, you should go to a public show where local experts handle everything.
  • Do not use consumer fireworks, and do not allow your children to do so, either.
  • Always keep a close eye on children when fireworks are being used, even at a public event.
  • Sparklers led to one-quarter of ER fireworks injury cases, so you should not even use these, and never let children use them.

Common Fireworks Injuries

Some of the most common fireworks injuries that can, in some cases, lead to a personal injury lawsuit are:

  • Hand burns
  • Eye injuries
  • Hand fractures and lacerations
  • Facial injuries
  • Amputation
  • Hearing loss.

Experts advise that one of the most dangerous causes of injury is when a fireworks device does not go off as expected. If you are using consumer fireworks and one does not go off, you should stay away from it until the next day. You never know when it might go off. But the best idea is as the NFPA says: Don’t use consumer fireworks!

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