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Allegiant Flyers, You Need to Know About These Warning Signs

The CBS television show “60 Minutes” recently spent several months investigating the air safety record of Allegiant Air. Last month, their Steve Kroft shared his alarming findings in a two-part report that shed light on the poor safety record of the air carrier.

Kroft reported that he and his team found that between Jan. 1, 2016 and October 2017, the carrier had more than 100 serious mechanical problems and incidents. These included aborted takeoffs, rapid descents, flight control malfunctions and engine failures in midair. Other reports noted the airline had had problems with cockpit instruments, cabin pressure, nose landing gear and the tail compartment.

Kroft stated that he and his investigative team felt a sense of urgency to get the investigation completed and aired because of serious concerns about safety at Allegiant Air. “60 Minutes” investigators attempted to obtain mechanical interruption summary reports, which are logs of failures that lead to delays or in-flight diversions, for eight airlines so they could look at the difference between them.

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Kroft and his team requested the FAA to provide a year’s worth of reports from Allegiant and seven other airlines. They got the documents they requested from all but Allegiant. The company objected to their release.

The FAA eventually overruled the airline’s objections and issued the requested reports. The reports showed that for the time period “60 Minutes” was studying,  Allegiant was three-and-a-half times more likely to suffer a midair flight problem than United, Delta, American, Spirit or JetBlue.

FAA did eventually provide the Allegiant report, but Kroft noted he was alarmed at how reluctant FAA seemed to be to divulge the information.

As he researched problems with Allegiant, Kroft talked to several passengers who had been on board when an Allegiant plane had a problem. The interviewed passengers ranged from feeling angry to traumatized by the experience on Allegiant. The reporter also noted that when he asked a former FAA attorney if she knew anyone in the industry who flies Allegiant, she said no. The implication was that people in the industry who know about safety records believe Allegiant is unsafe.

After this alarming report was released by “60 Minutes,” there have been many people across the country concerned about flying on Allegiant Air. If you have been injured in an airline accident or lost a loved one, it is always wise to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney before reaching a settlement.

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