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May Is Motorcycle Safety Month

It is spring, and the weather is growing warm and sunny across the U.S. With the sunshine, more motorcyclists take to the busy roads. Motorcycle crashes involving another vehicle account for nearly 50% of all motorcycle deaths in the country. Statistically, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in crashes than other motorists. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also reported there were 4,976 motorcycle deaths in 2016, making up well above 10% of total motor vehicle deaths: 37,461.

That is why May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The purpose of this effort is to remind everyone on American roads to be on the look out for motorcyclists. It also serves to remind motorcyclists to drive safely, wear helmets and wear highly visible clothing.

Important Safety Tips for Drivers

As a part of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, all drivers should review the following tips, so you can avoid getting into an accident with a motorcycle.

  • In most motorcycle accidents, the other driver is at fault. There are many more cars and trucks on the road than motorcycles, and not all vehicle drivers ‘see’ motorcycles while on the road.
  • A motorcycle has a much narrower profile than a car, so it is very easy for it to be hidden in a car’s blind spot or to be obscured by the background on the road. All drivers should take extra time to watch for motorcycles.
  • Motorcycles are much smaller than cars but are moving at roughly the same speed. It is not unusual for a car driver to misjudge distance and speed of motorcycles. That is why the most common motorcycle accident is a driver turning in front of a motorcycle going straight.
  • Many motorcyclists decelerate by downshifting or easing off the throttle, so they do not activate their brake light. Drivers should allow more following distance behind motorcyclists.
  • Some novice motorcyclists may forget to turn off their turn signals; they are usually not self-cancelling on motorcycles, so keep this in mind while on the road.
  • Motorcyclists may adjust their lane position to see easier or to avoid road debris. Understand that they are moving in their lane for a reason, in most cases. Allow them more room than you would a car to ensure they stay safe.

Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by driver error – usually by the other driver, but sometimes by the motorcyclist. Because motorcyclists are fully exposed to the elements, these accidents frequently result in serious and fatal injuries. Guajardo & Marks can help injured motorcyclists and their families receive economic justice.

Were You in a Motorcycle Accident? Speak to One of Our Personal Injury Attorneys Today

After a motorcycle accident, you may be extremely upset and suffering from serious injuries. An experienced motorcycle accident personal injury attorney can evaluate your claim to determine if you are entitled to compensation, including pain and suffering and lost earnings. The personal injury and accident attorneys at Guajardo & Marks are standing by to review your case at no cost to you. Please contact us today.