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Construction Workers Continue to be Plagued by Fall Risks

All of us face risks in our jobs. From transportation-related injuries to carpal tunnel syndrome, these risks can be reduced if they are identified and steps are taken to protect workers. Several industries have implemented plans to tackle workplace health threats, such as asbestos exposure and electrocutions.

When employers rise to meet the challenge, employees reap the benefits.

Unfortunately, construction workers continue to suffer death and serious injuries in predictable and preventable workplace injuries. The construction industry knows that workers are particularly vulnerable to fall-related injuries, yet they keep happening, and workers keep suffering from preventable injuries.

As advocates of construction workers, we share workers’ frustrations with this ongoing problem.

Nearly Half of All Construction Deaths are Fall-Related – Research shows that 42% of construction-site deaths were falls, and 54% of the employees killed did not have access to proper safety equipment, such as a personal fall arrest system.

The Fatal Four in Construction Accidents – Not surprisingly, falls are the leading cause of workplace death among construction workers. There are other common injuries in this sector. Like falls, most are entirely preventable.

Workplace Injuries are Far Too Common in Texas – On this page, you’ll see an Infographic highlighting the most dangerous industries and a few statistics that illustrate how common on-the-job injuries are in our state.

May 7 through 10 is the fifth annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, a voluntary event during which employers can talk to construction workers about fall risks.

Texas has a bad reputation when it comes to construction worker safety, but that can be changed. We can all do our part to raise awareness of the issue and make sure that employers take all necessary precautions in the workplace.

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