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Construction Work Accidents Still Significant Problem in Texas

A review of some of the statistics on construction work accidents in Texas and across the country show concerning trends. In 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated there were 493 fatal work injuries in Texas, and there were 527 in 2015. The Texas Tribune noted the state has seen the highest number of worker deaths in seven of the last 10 years. Texas also has seen more job-related deaths than other states in 10 of the last 14 years.

Texas has been having problems specifically with fall injuries on construction sites. It is estimated that one in five worker deaths across the U.S. occur in construction, and most of the deaths are falls.

It is important for companies that employ Texas construction workers to ensure they are properly trained and given appropriate safety devices to avoid fall accidents on the job. Some of the equipment construction workers should be provided include:

  • A harness to keep the construction worker attached to the structure. It should be designed to absorb and distribute energy in the case of a fall.
  • Lanyards can be used in addition to harnesses. A lanyard is attached to a rope grab that attaches to a harness. This ensures the worker will never fall more than a few feet.
  • Suspended scaffolding should have an arrest system that works in case the scaffolding ever falls.
  • Hardhats are mandatory on all construction sites where there could be falling objects to prevent serious or deadly injuries for those on the ground.

Construction site falls can cause serious head injuries, broken bones, organ injury, spine injuries, lacerations and more.

Construction Site Accidents Can Be Reduced With Proper Safety Systems

Workers should know that construction companies have the responsibility to keep them and their worksites safe from various types of accidents. This is possible with appropriate safety planning and training. For example, a new report from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) found that the introduction of a specific safety program on jobsites reduced recordable injury rates (TRIR) for some companies by as much as 87%.

ABC offered a Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) to its member companies. This is a safety benchmarking and improvement tool that has been shown to greatly improve safety performance for construction companies. Offering STEP at participating companies resulted in the following benchmarks being achieved:

  • When more than 215 minutes of new-hire orientation was provided, the total reported injury rate was 1827% lower on the jobsite.
  • Companies that offered on-site STEP training had a TRIR rate that was 180% lower and a days-away restricted or transferred (DART) rate that was 158% lower than companies that offered no such training.
  • Companies offering daily talks about the STEP program had a TRIR rate that was 276% lower and a DART rate that was 292% lower than companies that did not offer such safety talks.

Construction workers and their families should remember that construction firms are obligated to keep them and the jobsite safe from dangerous conditions. If you or a loved one is hurt at a construction site, you do have legal options.

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