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When Vehicle Repairs Lead to Serious Injuries

Auto repairs are an inevitable responsibility of car ownership. Most of the time the work gets done right and you’re on the street again. Sometimes though, negligent mechanics end up causing serious accidents for which they are legally responsible. If you’ve suffered injuries because of a car crash after visiting a repair shop, you might be wondering whether the work was done improperly. If so, it is possible that the liability falls on the repair shop and the mechanic who did the work.

Generally, auto mechanics are liable for:

  • False or missing estimates
  • Failing to disclose exactly what work was performed
  • Breach of warranty
  • Failing to reasonably perform the requested work
  • Shared product liability (if they sold you a defective or dangerous part)
  • Fraud
  • Performing unauthorized or unnecessary work
  • Damage that occurs while the car is in the mechanic’s possession
  • Failing to reasonably perform the repairs outlined in the work order.

A mechanic is liable for damages caused by their negligence. For example: You had a water pump replaced and the work order also included a new serpentine belt. But the replacement was not done. Then on the way home the belt pops, you lose control of the car, and are hit by another driver. If this mechanic’s negligence can be proven to have caused the wreck, he or she is legally liable.

If you need help filing a personal injury claim after a faulty car repair caused you to crash, you should speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. His or her investigation can shine the light of truth on who is at fault for an auto accident caused by negligent repair work.

There are Many Common Examples of Auto Repair Negligence

An automotive service garage or car dealership may be liable for faulty repairs or maintenance which cause an accident with injuries and damage to property. Common types of defective repair work may include:

  • Forgetting to reattach components
  • Failing to suitably repair broken or worn parts
  • Installing the wrong replacement part (or installing it incorrectly)
  • Failure to notice major problems (front-end damage, balding tire tread, worn-out emission system components)
  • Causing damage to other parts of your vehicle while performing repair work
  • And more.

Injuries Associated with Auto Repair Negligence

A crash caused by a faulty repair can be serious, even life-threatening. An almost innumerable variety of accidents can arise from negligent vehicle repairs. A few hypothetical scenarios might include:

  • Your airbags spontaneously deployed, causing bruised ribs, facial lacerations, and swelling. You were able to stop safely but will miss several days of work while you recover.
  • Your brakes locked while driving, and your legs hit the underside of the dashboard, injuring your knees and thighs and causing the need for therapy and rehabilitative services.
  • The faulty repair caused a fire that burned your hands and arms, which required treatment by a burn specialist and then painful rehabilitation.

Other injuries one can suffer from an accident caused by a negligent mechanic include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Many internal injuries
  • Traumatic eye injuries and other types of head wounds
  • Sudden deceleration injuries (whiplash = neck/spine injuries)
  • Wrongful death

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