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Construction on US 75 Continues to Cause Accidents

Many Dallas-area residents are familiar with the major road construction on US 75 near Anna. Not only is the road project causing traffic backups, it also is causing a large number of serious accidents.

In late October, it was reported by Channel 12 that a tractor trailer blew a tire, causing a serious crash and sending two women to a Dallas hospital with serious injuries. Unfortunately, accidents in and around the US 75 construction zone are becoming routine.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the highway is being widened as more Texans are moving north of the city. The major road construction project will not be wrapped-up until mid-2019. During that time, it is likely that serious motor vehicle accidents in the area will continue.

Anna Chief of Police Kenneth Jenks said in October that his department is responding to a crash in the US 75 construction zone almost every other day. The last major crash was in September, where a man died. That crash led to two other crashes; the highway had to be shut down for 12 hours.

Car accidents in construction zones are not unique to Dallas; since 2011, there have been more than 4,000 traffic accidents reported in construction zones across the country, with 1,500 injuries and at least 20 deaths. These are concerning numbers, but with careful driving, many accidents can be avoided.

How To Stay Safe

The Anna police department offers these tips to keep you safe and to avoid accidents in this dangerous area and around the crowded Dallas region:

  • Stay 100% focused on your driving, and put away your cell phone. Lanes of US 75 are being widened, and there are lane restrictions in place currently. So, drivers distracted by cell phones can cause accidents very easily. Nationally, nine people are killed every day by a distracted driver.
  • Merge well before the construction zone begins. Last-second merges lead to nasty crashes.
  • Follow the speed limit, especially in the area where it goes from Grayson County to Collin County.
  • If there is a serious back up, police say you should try State Highway 289 or Highway 5.

Potential Damages in Construction Zone Accidents

Drivers who are injured by others in a construction zone may file a lawsuit or claim against the negligent driver. Usually, medical expenses are the largest expense that is covered by the liable party. Also, you may be entitled to lost income, property damage, loss of limbs or disfigurement, as well as pain and suffering. If the construction zone crash results in a death, the family of the victim could be eligible to sue for damages that also include loss of companionship and loss of support.

One unique aspect of construction zone accidents is that a construction company, or even the state or local government, can be held liable. This may occur in a crash where there was a lack of warning signs to alert drivers of dangers ahead of them. The government, and possibly the construction company, is responsible for maintaining and building the roadway, so they may be held liable for damages in some personal injury cases.

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