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Amputee Support Groups Help the Recovery Process

In 2012, Texas hospitals reported a total of 14,120 amputations. Severe injuries of this sort are obviously going to be a major event in the lives of both the injured person and his or her loved ones. Especially if the amputation takes place as a result of a sudden event, such as a car crash, the injured person’s life will change radically and quickly.

Understandably, any person in such a situation is likely to have many questions. What changes are going to come in my life as a result of my injury? What will I be able to do, and what am I going to have to give up? How can I go about getting a prosthesis?

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury leading to an amputation, we want you to know you are not alone. The purpose of this article is to let you know there are support groups. Other people have gone through the same things, and they are willing and able to share their experience. There are many state resources available in Texas, and the Dallas Amputee Network meets every month. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Mona Patel: San Antonio Hero

In 1990, Mona Patel was a 17-year-old university student. She was walking to class when a drunk driver hit her and flung her 12 feet in the air. Her leg and foot were crushed and were amputated a few weeks later.

Mona had a hard time finding a support group for herself and fellow amputees. Facing another surgery in 1997, she promised to start a support group as soon as she recovered. She started the San Antonio Amputee Foundation (SAAF) that same year.

SAAF meets every month, and it has provided invaluable service to over 1,000 San Antonio amputees. The foundation now does basic home modifications, car modifications, and fitness activities. They also help amputees finance and afford prostheses.

Mona Patel has been named a Top 10 CNN Hero for 2017.

The Importance of Support Groups

When facing a sudden massive life change, such as an amputation, any person is going to have a lot of uncertainty and worries for the future.

If you or a loved one has recently gone through an amputation, visiting a support group can help you network with people who know your concerns because they’ve been there before. Life is going to be different from now on, but you don’t have to brave it alone. Consider visiting a support group, if only as a way to help you adjust to the change.

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