March 30th is National Doctors Day


March 30th marks the 26th national observance of National Doctors Day. There are few professions more respected than that of a doctor. At Guajardo & Marks, we represent clients that have suffered some of the most serious injuries imaginable. They often have debilitating conditions and rely upon the skill and experience of healthcare providers to better their quality of life. It’s a service that improves not only the lives of our clients but also the lives of their families, loved ones and communities.

Doctors are the first and last line of defense against injury and illness. They not only treat those with catastrophic injuries, they also treat us for the everyday conditions. In short, doctors play an integral role in our lives.

The Importance of National Doctors Day

That is why National Doctors Day is the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to the men and women in white. Though the origins of National Doctors Day go back to 1933, it was first observed nationally in 1991, when it was recognized as a national observance by then-president George Bush. In his proclamation, he cited the words of Dr. Elmer Hess:

“There is no greater reward in our profession than the knowledge that God has entrusted us with the physical care of His people. The Almighty has reserved for Himself the power to create life, but He has assigned to a few of us the responsibility of keeping in good repair the bodies in which this life is sustained.”

In 1991, people were encouraged to show their appreciation by sending out greeting cards to doctors or by laying flowers at the graves of deceased physicians who made an impact in our lives. Though both of those displays are still valid, social media and email affords us the chance to show appreciation in other ways. Use the hashtag #NationalDoctorsDay to show your gratitude online or send a personal note to your physician.

Doctors Deserve a Show of Appreciation

As the nature of healthcare in the United States has become more complex and demands more of our providers, doctors face tougher work conditions. They work longer hours, see more patients and work in increasingly stressful environments. A message from a patient who has benefitted from their hard work might provide some much-needed thanks.

All of us have been affected by the work of physicians. Remember the doctor that provided you with relief when you most needed it. Remember the doctor that put in the extra time and effort to help your parent when others had overlooked their needs. Remember the doctor that went out of their way to help your child when they needed the skills and attention that only a doctor could provide. March 30 is the day to show your appreciation for the invaluable service they give patients every single day.

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