What We Know About the Harley Davidson Brake Failure Investigation

Americans are no strangers to news reports about the dangers lurking in their automobiles. From the recent Takata airbag recall to the even more recent report from the Insurance Institute of Highway on the shortcomings of so many headlights, it seems as if we are constantly being reminded of just how dangerous our vehicles can be.

Owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles might have noticed one such recent news story regarding an investigation into the brake failures of these bikes. It’s certainly a cause for alarm for a large number of bikers, especially since Harley Davidson is one of the leading bike-sellers in the United States. Even more worrisome is the fact that we likely won’t know all of the details about these brake failures for some time.

Here’s what we do know about the Harley Davidson brake failure investigation.

• On July 8th, the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration announced that they would be investigating 430,000 motorcycles made by Harley Davidson with model years between 2008 and 2011 that are equipped with anti-lock braking systems.
• NHTSA said there had been 43 complaints from consumers about brake failures, along with three crashes and two injuries reported.
• Complaints from riders said that both hand-controlled and foot brakes stopped working, which caused one rider to slam into a garage door.
• NHTSA said that some of these brake failures might be caused by owners who didn’t change the brake fluid every two years – as is suggested by the manufacturer – though the agency said the failures are still a concern for all owners of the bikes under investigation.

Apparently, old fluid could become contaminated, corroding the ABS actuator valves and resulting in a brake failure. Harley Davidson said that they were complying with NHTSA’s investigation.

What Does That Mean for Riders of Harley Davidson Bikes?

If you ride one of these bikes, you should take immediate precautions. You should have your bike’s brakes inspected for problems. Make sure that you change your brake fluid as recommended by Harley Davidson. While it’s not yet clear how many bikes are subject to failure, it is in the best interest for every owner of these bikes to be as thorough as possible, especially if you plan on continuing to ride your bike.

If you have experienced problems with your motorcycle brakes, it is important to report the problems to NHTSA. The more information the agency has, the more comprehensive their investigation will be, and the safer riders will be as a result.

Recalls and defective vehicle parts are, unfortunately, becoming a much too common occurrence for consumers. From defective airbags to defective tires, consumers need to be vigilant about investigations and recalls concerning their vehicles. While most vehicles do not pose an immediate threat to us and our families, there are far too many problems with some of the most popular vehicles on the market. A good number of these defects are built into the vehicle, and are the equivalent of a ticking time bomb for the occupants of a vehicle.

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