Help Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas

Navigating through the US justice system is complicated if you don’t have legal representation. If you have been injured, you probably have even more on your plate trying to recover from your injuries and it is considerably more important that you find the right personal injury attorney. These legal representatives can help steer you through all the complex procedures and laws and are especially helpful when dealing with large corporations and insurance companies who often fight tooth and nail against paying out any compensation, even when they are unequivocally at fault.


A good personal injury lawyer will be part of a law firm that specializes in these types of cases. The law firm will have a strong team with knowledge and experience that is relevant. Dealing with a team of lawyers representing large corporations or insurance companies is a big challenge so you want to pick a lawyer who will also have a dedicated team. Another important skill is negotiating abilities. Large corporations often do not want to admit guilt in a courtroom setting and rather settle out of court so the attorney you will choose to represent you must be excellent at negotiating.

You may agree with the above points but still wonder how can you know if a law firm and a particular lawyer meet these criteria? The best method is to prepare a list of questions to ask before your first meeting. Ask the lawyer if they have been involved in personal injury lawsuits and although they may not be able to divulge any names due to confidentiality issues, you will get a sense of the level of experience, knowledge and skills they have in dealing with injury cases.

Do not hesitate to meet with a few law firms before deciding who you want to hire as your legal representative. After a couple of meetings, you will have a better understanding of who you feel more comfortable with and who has the right experience to represent you.


A personal injury lawsuit can often be a long and arduous journey for receiving fair compensation. This process can be further complicated if your injuries are severe and you are still recovering from them. There will be many meetings with your lawyer and you want to simplify the process as much as possible. A great way to do this is to select a law firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area so you can keep commute time to a minimum.


During your first meeting with lawyers, you should ask for some references which you should then follow up on by talking to them about their experience. These days, you can also find a lot of testimonials and reviews online. However, keep in mind when going over online reviews that people who are dissatisfied with the service received are more likely to vent their frustrations as compared to clients who have had a positive experience.

Take extra time to read the negative reviews and analyze if there is any merit in the review or if the complaint seems superficial. If you are uncomfortable about something you have read online, bring it to the attention of the lawyer and let them clarify the issue from their perspective. You can then decide if the explanation makes sense to you or not.

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