How Do Dallas Car Accidents Happen?

Car accidents are a far too common occurrence on our roads. 32,719 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in the United States while Texas was the state which had the greatest number of fatalities with 3,382 individuals losing their lives within our state boundaries. Beyond death, auto wrecks have other hidden victims. There are people who suffer catastrophic loss of earnings and many experience serious permanent injuries. Guajardo & Marks LLP are Dallas personal injury lawyers and we feel that educating our readers about the real causes of car accidents could help people steer clear of such incidents by taking precautionary actions.

1.     Improper Lane Change

The most common reason for auto accidents in the United States is improper lane changes by drivers. This is also the cause for the largest number of crashes in Texas. Next time you are on the road, take the time to check your mirrors and angles before making a lane switch and also be aware of other drivers who may suddenly decide to pop in front of you. Always drive at a safe braking distance to prevent collisions.

2.     Drunk Driving

A well-known cause for road accidents is driving while you are drunk. There have been numerous educational campaigns and enactment of stricter laws to control this behavior over the last few decades. Although these measures have reduced drunken driving accidents, it still remains at the top of the list. Drinking inhibits your ability to concentrate and function properly. It also gives you added confidence in your abilities (even though they are diminished) and promotes risky driving habits. Drunk driving can be avoided by planning to use a designated driver, a taxi or public transport when going home after a night out drinking.

3.     Speed

We have heard the refrain countless times: speed kills. And it’s true. However, speed is a big cause of accidents in rural areas and on highways and less so within congested city limits of a city like Dallas. If you are planning to drive out on a long distance route, ensure you respect the posted speed limits. Even minimal speed excesses of 10 miles per hour (mph) decrease your reaction time and increase the probability of an accident.

4.     Weather

Sunny days are great for driving, but be careful when the sun is about to set and the rays blind your vision. Keep a good pair of sunglasses with you for these occasions and you won’t have to worry too much about driving under sunny conditions.

The real culprit here is bad weather. The United States has different climate regions with varied weather patterns. In Texas, snow is unsurprisingly not a big killer, but fog unexpectedly is a weather issue which causes many auto collisions. In cases of fog, slow down and turn on your headlights (never your high beams) and emergency lights to increase visibility ahead of you and make your vehicle more visible to the drivers coming up behind you.

5.     Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accidents caused by cellphone use has become nothing short of an epidemic. We see stories daily that involve motorists being seriously injured or worse due to the use of cellphones or other electronics behind the wheel. Texting, checking emails, etc. all drastically reduce reaction times and some studies even find it more dangerous than drunk driving. The simple solution is to pull over anytime you feel you HAVE to use your phone. That includes inputting GPS information.  Sadly, until drivers wake up and understand the very serious dangers posed by cellphones, all drivers will be at huge risk to distracted driving and the terror it causes.

In an unfortunate circumstance that you have been injured in a car accident, you can seek the advice of a Dallas auto accident attorney to help you negotiate with insurance companies who are always seeking to minimize their clients’ claims. To receive fair compensation in case of a car accident injury call Guajardo & Marks, LLP at 972-774-9800 to speak to a Dallas car accident lawyer.