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Halloween Safety Driving Tips

Halloween Safety Driving TipsHalloween is coming up this weekend and while it is always a magical time for children (and adults) every year, it is also a dangerous time of year for a number of reasons. There are countless articles and blog posts authored every year to help parents keep their children safe while trick or treating, but one safety issue that isn’t as widely addressed is driving safety.

Our child pedestrians are always at risk, but they are twice as likely to be killed by a pedestrian accident on Halloween as they are other times of the year. Here are some safe driving tips to keep child pedestrian safety top of mind if you find yourself driving during peak trick or treating times.

Halloween Safety Driving Tips

Avoid distractions: This is obviously a major safety issue and a tip you should be following year round. Unfortunately, many drivers still don’t seem to get how dangerous using their phones is behind the wheel. When you add hundreds of candy-crazed children to the mix, the outcome can turn deadly. If you need to use your phone, or do anything other than drive, remember to pull over to a safe place.

Driver slower than normal: If you are in a residential area where children are present, our advice is to drive slower than normal, even below the speed limit. You never know when a child may dart into the street and the slower you are going, the quicker you can react and stop to avoid an accident.

Pay attention to crosswalks and corners: Be extra vigilant around crosswalks and corners. This is where most children will be crossing the street, and there won’t always be a signal or a crossing guard. This is a recipe for disaster. Be sure to keep an extra close eye around these areas.

Avoid passing: Try to avoid passing other vehicles in residential areas. There isn’t always a place for parents to pull over to let children out or to pick them up. If a car is pulled over to the side of the street, they very well may have a child exiting or entering and you may not see what direction they are coming from.

Don’t drink and drive: This is obvious, but like distracted driving, needs to continually be repeated. If you plan on going to a Halloween party, be sure to use a car service, have a designated driver or call a cab. Driving under the influence is dangerous enough without having children around. If you plan on drinking at all, please, plan ahead.

Be Safe, Have Fun!

Ideally, if you don’t need to drive in a residential area during such a busy night, avoid it. But that is not always the case, especially if you are picking up or dropping off children of your own. Hopefully, these tips will serve as a reminder to be extra careful on Halloween night. Share these with other drivers in your family, especially if you have teen drivers, as their inexperience often results in a higher rate of car accidents and injuries. Have a safe and fun Halloween!