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Why Hire an Experienced Auto Defect Attorney

Auto Defect AttorneySince the 1980s, there have been countless recalls in the auto industry. Who did not hear about Toyota’s brake pedal issues in 2009 and 2010 or Ford’s continuous problems in the 1990s with a fire-arising issue and an ignition switch problem in 1996? The largest ever recall in history remains the one issued in 1980 for Ford cars with transmission issues and which had led to the death of 98 people.

These stories are important to hear and know about so people can realize sometimes a small car product defect can lead to significant consequences, including accidents and catastrophic personal injury. They also highlight car and truck manufacturing issues happen all too frequently and this may even affect them.

Complex Rules

There are many different laws that apply when taking action against an auto manufacturer or other parties for a defective vehicle. Federal regulations on auto safety originate from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Car manufacturers must adhere to the laws issued by the NHTSA. This is further complicated by the rules and regulations issued by each state regarding safety issues for vehicles. Hiring an attorney will help you as your lawyer should be well versed and skilled in all the intersecting laws dealing with this issue, including both federal and Texas state laws.

Engineering Experts

Vehicle manufacturing encompasses intricate engineering and technical processes and you are not likely to possess the engineering skills or experience required to understand in depth how and why your car has a defect. Law firms who in this field will have their own set of experts, engineers and scientists, who can analyze the faulty components of a truck, SUV, car or other vehicle. Often, your auto accident attorney may have a degree or background in engineering which will allow him or her to tackle your case more effectively.

Opposition’s Army

When trying to prove your auto defect case in a court of law against a big manufacturer, you will run into a skillful, specialized and experienced battalion of lawyers which you need to counter with a similar or better prepared team. It is unlikely you can go at it alone as you probably do not possess the skills or experience to deal with all the issues and your case may end up being thrown out on an inadvertent omission of a legal procedure even though you may have strong legal arguments against the defendant.

This is why it is important to hire a Dallas vehicle defect lawyer. If you are unsure or think you have suffered a personal injury due to a defect with your car, SUV or truck, do not hesitate to contact Guajardo & Marks by visiting our website or calling 972-774-9800.