How Much Does a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

In a case such as this, the real question should be how much a car accident attorney in Dallas will cost you during the course of your case. You might be the victim of a vehicular accident that wasn’t your fault to begin with. Now you are looking for a legal representative who can effectively help you sue for medical damages or the trauma you experienced in a court of law.

But now you are worried whether your finances can handle it. You have loss of work, medical bills, and damage to your vehicle and more. When faced with these difficulties, it’s important to understand how personal injury lawyers work and how they can help you through this difficult time. You will find that, most of the time, they can help with these expenses while also settling your case.

Expenses and Costs

You will almost never be required to pay upfront fees or other litigation expenses during the case of your personal injury case. These expenses may include the cost of obtaining medical summons, serving summons, subpoenas, expert witness fees and police reports to name a few.

As you can see, the costs can pile up. Fortunately, most personal injury law firms understand this and are willing to handle these case expenses for your during the case, with the understanding that they will be reimbursed for these by using a portion of the settlement.

While the majority of personal injury law firms do cover all case-related expenses, they deduct them and any associated fees from your settlement. Your contract will specify this. For example, if your attorney spent five thousand dollars in costs, he will receive this amount as reimbursement or in addition to his fee.

Contingency Fee

This fee refers to a percentage that a lawyer is entitled to provided that you agree to a contingency fee agreement. It most often ranges from 25 to 40% depending on the type of case and the firm’s policy. An example will explain how this works. Let’s say that you hire a truck accident lawyer in Dallas with a contingency fee agreement of 33.33%. If you win the case from the defendant and receive $30,000, your lawyer is entitled to approximately $10,000 of the amount plus the cost of expenses. Of course, you can always try to negotiate and bring the percentage down to make it a more affordable prospect.

Is it Worth the Hiring an Attorney?

As a general rule of thumb, the more extensive your injuries, the greater your final settlement will be. Insurance companies do not like to pay up and will try to make you settle for an amount that is lower than what you actually deserve. Hiring a lawyer to handle all the expenses for you and ensure that you receive a fair settlement will serve you well.

Keeping track of your legal expenses is manageable provided that you know what to consider. All you need to keep in mind is how much you will be required to pay for expenses such as medical or police reports in addition to the attorney fees. Your lawyer will brief you on such responsibilities before you sign any contract.

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