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Product Liability Laws Aren’t Just for Defective Vehicles

Product Liability LawAutomobiles are commonly associated with defective product cases and for many, it’s their first exposure to product liability laws. Recent years have seen defective air bags and faulty ignition switches make headlines after car accidents that resulted in deaths and injuries were linked to these products. In response to these design and manufacturing flaws, automobile manufacturers began issuing massive recalls in order to prevent future accidents and injuries from occurring.

An injury or death due to a design flaw or an error in the manufacturing process is dangerous to consumers. Although product liability cases involving the design and manufacture of automobiles are common, just about any product used by consumers may result in a product liability case.

When consumers are injured while using a product, a Dallas product liability attorney can discuss the complex laws associated with product liability claims and help injured parties seek compensation against the manufacturer of the defective or faulty product.

Defects of a All Kinds are a Danger to Consumers

Almost all products are susceptible to defects during the design or manufacturing process. Medicine, electronics, tools, toys, and furniture are common everyday products whose defects can result in injuries or death when they are used by consumers.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure products are safe to use before they ever reach consumers’ hands. Even so, defective products still hit the market causing severe injuries and death.

Product Liability and Design Defects

A product’s design comes long before it is ever manufactured. If there is a flaw in the design of a product, the result is an entire product line that is inherently dangerous and capable of causing harm to users.

Electronic items that get too hot and cause burns or vehicles that flip over while a driver makes a normal turn are considered design flaws. Design issues, like these, make products potentially dangerous to all consumers who use them.

Manufacturing Product Liability

After a product is designed, the manufacturing process can begin. Manufacturing defects are commonly associated with product liability claims as they are often more apparent than design flaws in causing injuries to consumers.

A manufacturing defect is the result of an error during the actual process of putting together or making a product. For example, a product that leaves a factory with a missing part or a food product contaminated at a processing plant can amount to a product liability claim due to a manufacturing error.

Blue Bell Ice Cream made headlines recently for sickening consumers. The source of the illness was eventually traced back to a Texas factory where the ice cream was contaminated with Listeria. Blue Bell ultimately issued a complete recall of all of their ice cream products but not before the contaminated products were linked to several deaths and many more illnesses.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, products aren’t known to be defective until after they result in injuries and deaths.

Dallas consumers who are injured while using or consuming products should consult with an experienced product liability attorney. They can help determine whether a flaw in a product’s design or manufacture made it inherently dangerous to use and hold manufacturers liable for any resulting injuries or deaths.