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A Serious Injury Requires the Expertise of a Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic Injury AttorneyA catastrophic injury is the result of a serious accident that causes severe or even permanent disabilities. Often, these injuries are devastating to the injured party causing extreme physical trauma and emotional distress.

On top of taking an emotional and physical toll on accident victims, catastrophic injuries are often financially devastating. Severe or permanent injuries may require emergency lifesaving care, extensive rehabilitation, and lifelong medical treatment. When a person suffers such a severe injury, a catastrophic injury attorney can help the victim recover compensation they’re entitled to from the at fault party.

Dallas Catastrophic Injury Accidents

If a person acts negligently or with disregard for the safety of others, it can end up causing severe injuries to innocent parties. Catastrophic injury accidents can happen on busy Dallas highways, at places of business, residential properties, and while working.

Types of Catastrophic Injury Accidents

Catastrophic injuries can result from a number of different accidents:

• Car accidents
• Motorcycle accidents
• Truck accidents
• Construction accidents
• Fires
• Defective products

If an injury has a lifelong impact on a person, no matter the type of accident, it can be considered catastrophic. These accidents can happen at any time to even the most careful individuals. A catastrophic injury attorney understands personal injury law and can help an accident victim begin the claims process in order to recover compensation.

Injuries Resulting From Dallas Catastrophic Injury Accidents

The nature of injuries sustained in a serious accident can vary but will most certainly have a serious and lasting impact on the victim. Often, these will require a lifetime of costly medical care and associated expenses.

Injuries Resulting From Catastrophic Injury Accidents

• Amputation/Loss of limb
• Hearing loss
• Loss of vision
• Crushing injuries
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Paralysis

These injuries are severe enough to impact a person’s everyday life. They may even leave the victim financially vulnerable due to an inability to work. A catastrophic injury lawyer understands the struggles associated with such devastating injuries and can help initiate a claim against the responsible party.

Compensation for Catastrophic Accident Victims

A catastrophic injury is a more severe type of personal injury. The compensation available to accident victims is governed by Texas state laws. A catastrophic injury victim is entitled to recover monetary damages for their injuries from the at-fault party.

Common Compensation for Catastrophic Accident Victims

Depending on the facts of a case and nature of injury, an accident victim may seek compensation for:

• Medical bills and expenses
• Lost wages
• Loss of future income
• Disfigurement
• Impairment
• Emotional distress and pain and suffering

In some cases punitive damages may even be awarded. Punitive damages go beyond the necessary expenses associated with an injury and are meant to deter similar negligent actions from happening in the future.

How Much is My Catastrophic Injury Worth?

No two injuries or cases are the same. The compensation awarded to an accident victim will vary depending on medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any ongoing treatment that may be required. Consulting with a Texas personal injury lawyer who is experienced in catastrophic injury claims is the best way to determine what compensation is available under state law.