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A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Determine Fault in Complex Accidents

Car Accident LawyerThe scene following an accident can be very chaotic. Shattered glass, deployed airbags, and fallen debris can add to the confusion of it all. Plus, if you’re injured, you may be in a state of shock and unable to fully process what just happened.

From drivers’ statements, witness testimony and the police officers’ investigation at the scene, a lot of factors are involved in determining the case of a car accident. With so many different components, proving fault for a car accident and any resulting injuries can be a very complex and involved process. An experienced car accident lawyer understands the factors that plays a role in automobile accidents and can launch an investigation into the cause and who is ultimately liable.

Determining Fault for an Accident

Drivers involved in an accident rarely admit fault. No matter the cause, most drivers involved in an automobile accident firmly believe they had the right of way or were simply following the rules of the road when they were struck. More often than not, each driver’s account of an accident portrays the other driver as being the one at fault. When this happens, it becomes one driver’s word against the others making the process of determining liability even more difficult.

Insurance Investigations

Soon after an accident, insurance companies will get involved and launch their own investigation in order to prove liability. Insurance companies will first take into consideration their insured’s account of how an accident happened when making a determination as to how an accident occurred. This often leads to them denying claims made for injuries and damages sustained in an accident by the other driver.

However, liability for an accident is not determined by driver recollection alone. Witness statements, surveillance footage, police reports and points of impact on vehicles can all be used to prove liability. The expertise of a car accident attorney can evaluate all the factors involved in an accident and begin the process of conducting a thorough investigation into liability.

Car Accident Factors

Inattentive driving, distracted driving, impaired motorists, and poor road conditions can all increase the risk of car accidents. And the more drivers that are on the road, the likelihood of traffic accidents happening greatly increases.

A recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau found that more than 500,000 drivers made their way into and around Dallas for their jobs every single workday. With so many drivers traveling on busy highways and interchanges, accidents are common occurrences. The likelihood of accident involving multiple drivers and resulting in more serious injuries increases as well.

In fact, a recent six-car accident on Interstate 30 left the westbound lanes closed with vehicles facing the wrong way and debris scattered across the roadway. Several of the vehicles’ occupants were rushed to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas to receive treatment for their injuries.

When accidents like this happen, involving multiple vehicles on heavily-traveled interstates, it can be difficult to determine which driver was at-fault. The experience of a Dallas area car accident lawyer provides the expert help accident victims need in order to recover compensation for their injuries from the at-fault driver.