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Determining Fault With the Help of a Wrongful Death Law Firm

Wrongful Death Law FirmA wrongful death lawsuit is filed after the negligence or carelessness of one person causes the death of another. These cases are civil matters that are often brought against an at fault party by the victim’s family members.

There are a number of circumstances that allow a family to file suit for the death of their loved one, but it can be difficult to determine who should bring action and what compensation is available to them under Texas laws. Representation by a wrongful death law firm allows family members to recover rightful compensation as they come to terms with their grief.

Wrongful Death and Financial Hardships

After the unexpected death of a family member it can be difficult to think ahead to the future while dealing with an untimely death in the present. But the loss of a loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of another can cause financial hardship in months and years to come.

In addition to costly final expenses, families lose the victim’s current income as well as future earning capacity. To help ease financial burdens often associated with wrongful death incidents, a law firm specializing in personal injury law and wrongful deaths can begin the process of filing suit in order to recover damages as soon as possible.

Determining Wrongful Death in Texas

When a loved one dies, parents, spouses, and children may bring an action against the at fault party. But it’s not always clear whether a family member’s death was the result of another’s negligence or carelessness and amounts to a wrongful death claim.

Common Wrongful Death Claims

• Intentional acts (murder)
• Medical malpractice
• Car accident fatalities

If you suspect that your loved one’s death was the result of an intentional act or negligence of another, a wrongful death law firm can help investigate the facts of your case.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Children of wrongful death victims can feel the effects of losing their parent for a lifetime. Their grief and sorrow is met with financial insecurity as they lose a provider and caretaker. Because of this loss, children are often able to bring wrongful death claims in Dallas against an at fault party.

For example, after the 2013 shooting death of a Dallas area woman, Emily Krumrei, by local police, one of her minor children quickly brought a wrongful death action against the Richardson Police Department and the officer who delivered the fatal shot. The case would go on to settle in April 2015.

Her second minor child would go on to file a wrongful death suit in Dallas federal court in July of 2015. In cases like this, where no criminal action was taken, civil suits are often filed in order to seek compensation for the preventable or intentional death of a loved one.

Whether the loss of a loved one was intentionally caused by another or directly related to their negligence, a wrongful death suit may be filed in order for family members to seek compensation for the victim’s death. A Texas law firm experienced in personal injury law and wrongful death claims can help victims and their families seek compensation they’re entitled to under state laws.