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Building Your Case with the Help of a Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident AttorneyFrom inattentive driving, inclement weather, and even poor road conditions, Dallas motorists often see motor vehicle accidents on busy highways and heavily-traveled interchanges. Most traffic accidents involve two or more vehicles, but single-vehicle accidents are also quite common and can result in serious injuries or worse.

The driver of a car involved in a single-vehicle accident may not actually be at fault for their accident or injuries. Because Dallas area highways are heavily traveled by large trucks and other load-carrying vehicles, roadway debris may often find its way onto highways.Unsuspecting motorists are caught off guard by such hazards and may lose control of their vehicles as they attempt to take evasive action.

Finding the Source of Roadway Debris

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to determine the source of debris left in roadways by trucks and vehicles. Sometimes a pipe, tool, tire or other object may have an identifying marker which points to its source. Other times, there may be no immediate indication as to why or how an object founds its way onto a busy road or highway.
Even if an object’s origin isn’t readily apparent, a little investigative work may be able to determine where it came from and, more importantly, who is responsible for any resulting accidents and injuries.

If a motorist is involved in an accident due to an object in the road, a car accident attorney is an expert source of information and can assist injured parties in investigating the cause of their accident and may even be able to locate the source of the accident-causing debris.

Debris Related Car Accidents in Dallas

Accidents involving roadway debris are a serious threat to Dallas area motorists. In fact, former Dallas Mayor, Ron Kirk, was in injured after he was involved in an accident as a result of fallen debris. As he was driving down an area highway, a work ladder made its way through his car’s windshield after it was a sent airborne by a passing 18-wheeler. Incidents like this illustrate just how dangerous items in the roadway and fallen debris can be to unsuspecting motorists.

Taking Action After a Debris-Related Accident

Although it can be difficult to prove that an accident was caused by an object in the road and even more difficult to determine its source, there are still steps motorists can take after they’ve been involved in a debris-related accident.

Often, cargo that is not properly secured results in objects landing in the roadway. If you witnessed an object that caused your accident fall from a truck or another vehicle, a claim can be made against that driver’s insurance company.

A similar claim can be made against the Texas Department of Transportation if your accident happened on a Dallas highway and you believe the TxDOT may have been in some way negligent. For example, poorly placed road signs, cones, or other temporary road markers and dividers can easily become road hazards and cause serious accidents to Dallas drivers.

Even when complex car accidents occur, like debris-related crashes, an experienced Dallas car accident attorney can use their expertise to conduct a thorough investigation. They can determine fault and help victims recover compensation they’re entitled to under Texas laws.