How To Effectively Handle a Truck Accident Claim

On the busy Dallas area highways and interstates, truck accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, when a standard motor vehicle and a large semi-truck, tractor trailer, or 18-wheeler collide, the results can be catastrophic for the occupants of the passenger vehicle.

A Dallas truck accident lawyer understands the seriousness of truck accidents and the unique concerns they present. They can help victims build a case against the at-fault parties and get the compensation they’re entitled to.

Commercial Truck Accident Laws

Accidents involving large commercial trucks are a lot different than other motor vehicle accidents. Not only are damages and injuries more significant, but commercial truck accidents are governed by different laws.

A Dallas truck accident lawyer understands the unique laws associated with trucking accidents. They can help truck accident victims recover compensation they’re entitled to from the responsible party or entity.

Determining Liability in a Truck Accident

When a semi-truck, tractor trailer, 18-wheeler or other large commercial truck hits another vehicle, a number of different parties can be held liable for any resulting damage and injuries including:

• Truck driver
• Insurance company
• Truck owner
• Truck driver’s employer

A truck accident lawyer in Dallas will be able to investigate the facts of your case and determine who is liable for your accident and injuries.

Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Truck Accident

After a commercial truck is involved in an accident, insurance companies begin to act quickly on behalf of the truck company. They will try to limit their liability by offering to settle your truck accident claim as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the commercial truck’s insurance company does not have your best interests in mind. If you are injured, out of work, and experiencing mounting medical bills, you may be tempted to take any settlement offer to help ease your financial burdens.

Remember, truck accidents can result in more serious injuries and damages than other motor vehicle accidents. In addition to current medical bills and future medical expenses, you may also be entitled to collect compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering.

You will need the expertise of a truck accident lawyer to help you fight the insurance company in order to receive the full compensation you deserve.

Building Your Case After a Truck Accident

You will want to act as quickly as the insurance company for the truck driver does in order to protect your rights and financial interests after a truck accident. Consulting with a truck accident lawyer is the most effective way to begin building a case against the truck company.

While you begin the recovery process, a truck accident lawyer can start to collect and preserve evidence, speak with witnesses, obtain a police report, and handle any communication regarding your case with the trucking company and their insurance agency.

Seeking Help From a Truck Accident Lawyer

Since commercial vehicles are common sights on busy Dallas highways, it increases the likelihood of truck accidents involving semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and 18-wheelers with passenger vehicles. If you’re injured in a truck accident, consulting with a truck wreck attorney will help protect and preserve your financial interests by getting you the full compensation you are e