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What Causes Dangerous Rollover Accidents?

Rollover AccidentRollover accidents occur when a vehicle flips over onto one of its sides, the roof, or does multiple revolutions before coming to rest. These accidents can cause severe injuries and more often result in death than other accidents.

Due to the nature and severity of a rollover accident, an in-depth investigation is often conducted to help determine the cause. An experienced rollover accident attorney will be able to assist with investigative efforts and help determine why the rollover accident occurred.

Why Vehicle Rollover Accidents Occur

Most vehicle rollover accidents involve a single vehicle. Road conditions can make it more likely for an accident to occur even when a driver is operating their vehicle normally. Potholes, soft-shoulders, and uneven road surfaces increase the likelihood of a rollover accident occurring even when performing a simple driving maneuver like a lane change.
Sometimes a driver will need to make a sudden corrective measure, take evasive action to prevent an accident, or swerve to avoid an object in the road. These driving challenges and necessary moves make a rollover accident more likely to occur when road conditions are less than ideal. The actions a driver takes to prevent an accident may actually result in a rollover accident because of poor road conditions.

Even under good road conditions, rollover accidents can occur. Certain vehicle designs are much more susceptible to being involved in a rollover accident than others, even when being driven in normal, everyday road conditions.

Vehicles vulnerable to rollover accidents:

• Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
• High-profile trucks
• Multiple-passenger vans

If you were involved in a rollover accident in or around the Dallas area, you’ll need to consult with an experienced car accident attorney familiar with Texas laws. They’ll be able to investigate the cause of your accident and determine whether your vehicle’s design was a contributing factor.

Vehicle Defects and Injuries in Rollover Accidents

Defective vehicle parts may make injuries worse if they fail to protect you in the event of a rollover accident. Automobile manufacturers have a duty to ensure vehicles and their components offer adequate protection to occupants even in the most severe accidents. A vehicle’s ability to protect you in an accident is known as its crashworthiness.

Common vehicle defects associated with rollover accidents:

• Air bags that don’t deploy
• Roof crush during a rollover
• Seatbelts that fail to restrain you
• Door locks that don’t latch
• Windows that aren’t tempered and shatter

Automobile manufacturers have a duty to ensure vehicles are crashworthy before being driven on the road. If you’re injured in a rollover accident due to a faulty part or vehicle defect, the manufacturer can be found liable.

A knowledgeable vehicle defect lawyer will be able to represent your interests against automobile manufacturers and get you the compensation you deserve under Texas laws.

Choosing a Rollover Accident Attorney

Vehicle rollover accidents are time sensitive and require immediate action to help document road conditions or vehicle defects that may have contributed to the accident. An experienced rollover accident attorney will be able to conduct research to determine the factors that contributed to your accident and hold the responsible parties liable for your injuries under Texas laws.