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Construction Accident Attorney Holds Companies Responsible for Injuries

Construction Accident AttorneyThe nature of construction work is dangerous. You’re exposed to heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and other hazards every day. It’s up to construction companies to provide a safe environment to help protect against work-related injuries.

If you’re injured in an accident at work because of the negligence of another, an experienced Texas construction accident attorney can help you recover the compensation for your medical bills, injuries, and lost wages.

The Dangers of Construction Work Sites

Construction work is a primary source of income for many families in the Dallas area. You rely on the income to support your family and expect that your employer will provide you a safe environment to do so.

But sometimes, in an attempt to save money, safety standards aren’t implemented or preventative measures taken to help protect workers who are exposed to hazard work conditions. When corners are cut or safety measures overlooked, catastrophic injuries can result.

Common Construction Site Accidents

• Ladder falls
• Electrical shocks
• Heavy equipment accidents
• Falls from heights
• Scaffolding collapses
• Exposure to toxic chemicals
A work accident requires the expertise of a Texas construction accident attorney. They will be able to assess your case and determine liability for your accident and injuries.

Injuries From Construction Site Accidents

From working in and around heavy equipment, exposure to hazardous chemicals, or working high off the ground, construction workers face many on-the-job dangers on a daily basis. It’s up to employers to have safety procedures in place to make sure work sites are safe for employees to do their jobs.

If an employer fails to provide safety equipment or put safeguards in place to protect workers, they can liable for any resulting catastrophic injuries.

Common Construction Site Injuries

• Head injuries
• Back injuries
• Broken bones
• Burns
• Loss of limb
• Neck strains

If you were involved in a construction site accident, the injuries you sustained can be costly. Mounting medical bills and lost wages may leave you feeling stressed and financially vulnerable. A Texas construction accident attorney will be able to start the claims process for you and begin recovering compensation for your injuries.

Proving Fault for a Construction Accident

When safety is not a top priority at a construction site, it opens up workers to dangerous conditions and potential accidents with injuries. When injuries do happen, trying to prove who is at fault for a construction site accident can be complex.

An investigation will need to take place involving any number of contractors, subcontractors, and OSHA inspectors. Then there’s the issue of navigating a potential Workers’ Compensation claim.