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Handling An Insurance Claim After a Truck Accident in Dallas

Truck Accident in DallasWhen a vehicle is struck by a semi-truck or tractor trailer, it often results in severe injuries for the vehicle’s occupants. On busy interstates and highways, these kinds of accidents are unfortunately common occurrences.

If you’re struck by a truck, tractor trailer, semi-truck or 18-wheeler, an experienced truck accident lawyer can examine the facts of your accident and pursue a claim against the truck driver and their insurance carrier on your behalf.

Damages Associated with Truck Accidents in Dallas

Injuries arising from an accident with a semi-truck or tractor trailer can be long lasting and debilitating. Permanent injuries and the ongoing care they require are costly and can take a financial toll on the injured parties.

Consulting with a truck accident lawyer will help you recover compensation for your injuries and other damages incurred because of the accident.

Compensation Available to You Under Texas Law

In Texas, a party injured in a truck accident is entitled to recover damages from the at-fault driver and their insurance company. If you’re injured in an accident by a truck or tractor trailer, you may be able to recover compensation for:

• Medical expenses
• Lost wages
• Pain and suffering
• Emotional distress

With the help of a Dallas truck accident lawyer, you can file a claim seeking compensation to help ease the financial burdens experienced after a truck accident.

What To Expect From Insurance Companies

After a truck accident, the company that owns the truck and their insurance company will launch an investigation very quickly. They will be trying to gather as much information as possible to minimize their liability for the accident. As part of their investigation, they’ll want to ask you a lot of questions about how the accident occurred and will even want to take a recorded statement from you regarding the facts of the accident and the injuries you sustained.

Before talking with any parties representing the truck driver, you should consult with a truck accident lawyer who knows how to handle these complex cases in Texas. They’ll be able to advise you on the claims process and when you should speak with the other party’s insurance carrier.

Truck Accident Settlement Offers

The insurance company’s main objective is to protect their bottom line. They’ll want to try to settle your claim quickly and with as little compensation as possible. In making you a settlement offer early on, they hope to avoid future expenses you may incur like medical bills and lost wages.

But some injuries may take months to materialize or require corrective measures down the road. It’s important to understand the nature and full extent of your injuries so that you can recover the true value of your claim.

Before rushing into a settlement offer, speak with a Texas truck accident lawyer regarding the facts of your case. If you settle early on without knowing the full extent of your injuries, you may miss out on compensation for medical expenses and lost wages that occur later on.

Being involved in a truck accident is a terrifying experience. A qualified 18 wheeler attorney understands what crash victims are going through and will be able to help protect your best interests during the entire insurance claims process.