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Multiple Vehicle Accident on Tollway Kills One in Dallas

Multiple Vehicle Accident on Tollway Kills One in DallasOn April 25, 2015, a car lost control on the Dallas North Tollway and hit the retaining wall. The car overturned on impact. The crash occurred at about 5 a.m., and officials are still unsure what caused the driver to lose control. Shortly after the first crash, two motorcycles struck the overturned Nissan. One of the motorcycle drivers died at the scene of the accident. The Nissan driver was taken to the Medical Center of Plano while the other motorcyclist was taken to Baylor Hospital in Plano. The crash remains under investigation.

Even though the first car did not hit any other vehicles, that driver may be liable for the motorcycle crashes. This is because without the first crash, the second crashes would not have occurred. That means that the injured motorcyclists can possibly bring a personal injury suit against the Nissan driver. The family of the motorcyclist who was killed may also bring a wrongful death suit against the driver.

Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents are notoriously more likely to cause serious injuries, especially compared to single vehicle accidents. This is often because those involved are traveling at high speeds and do not have time to react to a sudden crash in front of them. There are several causes of multi-vehicle accidents, and the following are the most common.

Speeding. When drivers speed, they have less time to react to accidents or other obstacles in the road. At higher speeds, even the slightest adjustment in the wheel can cause a serious crash.

Falling asleep. This cause is especially common in those who travel frequently, like truck drivers and other delivery vehicles. Once the driver is asleep, even if it is just for a few seconds, there is literally no one driving the vehicle. Sleeping drivers often drift in and out of their lanes and can drive off the road (or into retaining walls, as this person did).

Weather. While snow and sleet are usually not an issue in Dallas, they are a common causes of multiple vehicle accidents because visibility is less and the ability to stop is decreased. Heavy rains and fog can also cause similar problems. Any time that vision is obscured, then drivers will not be able to react as quickly as they should and that can cause serious problems.

Cell phones. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous, but it is especially dangerous in heavy traffic situations. Drivers talk, text, take pictures, and check e-mail while they drive, and all of these things take their attention away from the road. That means reaction times are slowed or nonexistent and the likelihood of a crash is much higher.

Fault in Multi-Vehicle Crashes

Fault in a multiple vehicle accident can become very complicated. However, in this case, fault may be relatively easy to assess. The attorney involved in this type of case would want to know how closely the motorcycles were following, whether they were speeding, or if they could have avoided the accident. The insurance companies involved will often employ investigators to determine which parties are at fault. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident on the Tollway, contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Dallas as soon as possible. Call 972-774-9800 or contact us online today.