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Do This Before Meeting Your Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

Dallas Truck Accident LawyerWhen you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the legal implications are very different than they would be if you were in an accident with a private person. For example, the damages are likely much more serious when a large truck is involved. In addition, not only is the other driver going to be involved, but the company that he or she works for will also be a major part of the litigation. To get the suit going, it is best to have some key information with you before visiting with your Dallas truck accident attorney. Being prepared will help move your case along, so be ready to address the following issues.

Details about the Trucking Accident

Like any car accident, the trucking accident attorney will want to know how the accident occurred and whether a police report was filed. Were there traffic violations that caused or contributed to the accident? Try to locate or remember the following important information:

• Photographs or videos of the scene of the accident
• TV or news media clips
• Names and contact information of witnesses or other people involved in the accident
• The exact location and timing of the accident
• Conditions of the roadway at the time of the accident
• Whether medical personnel came to the scene to aid anyone

Information about the Trucking Company and the Driver

Trucking accidents are unique because of the involvement of a business or other commercial presence. Your trucking wreck lawyer will need the following information, and it will move your case along faster if you assemble any of this information.

• Name of the truck driver and the trucking company
• Licenses plate number of the truck and any other identifying details of the truck (such as DOT numbers or colors)
• Truck driver’s commercial driver’s license number
• Any other companies or businesses associated with the truck or with the driver
• Any other research or information you may have about the driver or the trucking company

Medical Records and Damage to your Vehicle

The damages in a truck accident case will depend on the injuries involved and the property damage that was sustained. Your attorney will need this information to help determine what your case is “worth.” Although it is very difficult to predict an exact amount of damages, this type of information will help your attorney make an educated guess about a potential compensation amount.

• General vehicle details like year, make, and model
• How long you have owned the car
• The condition of the vehicle before and after the accident
• Have you gotten an estimate to fix the vehicle?
• Photographs of the vehicle before and after the accident
• Information about the hospital visit right after the accident
• Have your injuries affected the activities you did prior to the accident?
• Information about follow-up treatment you may need
• Information about similar injuries you may have had in the past
• How long were you hospitalized (if at all)?

Other Personal Information

Your attorney will also ask you questions about your current employment and if this accident caused you to miss work. They will also want information about your insurance and your driver’s license. Have all of the information ready, and your truck accident lawyer will be able to move much more quickly on your case.

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