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Should you Hire a Dallas Car Accident Attorney?

Dallas Car Accident AttorneyNot all accidents will require the use of a car accident attorney in Dallas. Sometimes the accident is small enough that the parties can either sort it out themselves or the insurance company will just take care of the accident. However, some accidents absolutely require the services of an experienced auto accident lawyer. Consider the following factors when making a decision whether to hire an attorney:

  1. Consider your physical and emotional state. Has this accident left you shaken up? Are you confined to a hospital bed or at home because of the accident? Car accidents can take a serious mental, emotional, and physical toll on a person. In serious situations like these, it is probably best to talk to an attorney. He or she can handle the details of the accident so you can focus on getting mentally and physically rested. The attorney can even talk to your insurance company on your behalf.
  2. You have significant property loss. Those involved in an accident are sometimes so concerned about getting physically better (and you should be!) that they forget about the monetary toll that the accident may have just taken on their vehicle. Insurance companies will either deem your vehicle a total loss (if applicable) or they will provide money for repairs. Either option can be very expensive. Sometimes insurance companies just do not understand the severe toll that this loss of property has taken on you and your family. An attorney can help with this and can even get you more money to help pay for repairs or a new vehicle in some situations.
  3. Your insurance company is refusing to pay your medical bills. Unfortunately, this is much more common than one might think. An insurance policy only covers certain medical expenses after an accident, and the insurance company may try to get out of these obligations by saying that your injuries are not covered, even when they should be. If you are having any issues getting money from the insurance company, a lawyer can step in to help. Just having a lawyer speak to them shows that you mean business and you want to get the money that you deserve.
  4. The other driver is telling you the accident is your fault. Fault is a very important factor in car accident cases. If your insurance company believes that you are at fault, it is possible that they will not pay your claim. If fault is raised at all, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney, even if it is just for a consultation. You should also contact an attorney if the other party is attempting to sue you for something related to the accident.
  5. The accident happened a while ago and you are still having medical problems. This is a huge problem because the accident may have caused or aggregated your medical problems. Be sure to contact an attorney right away because every personal injury case has a “timer” on it called a statute of limitations. That means that the victim must bring the case within a certain amount of time (usually two years) or they will forever lose their right to raise a personal injury claim.

If in doubt, check with an attorney. An experienced Dallas car accident attorney will be able to tell you if you have a claim or not. Not sure? Call 972-774-9800 or contact us online today for your free consultation. You will never pay a dime out of pocket and we only get paid if we recover money on your behalf.