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Bravo Denton! Texting and Driving Ban Goes into Effect Today

Texting and Driving BanIf you are texting and driving in Denton, be prepared for a fine.  The grace period for a new Denton city ordinance that carries fines of up to $200 for texting behind the wheel.

The ordinance was passed unanimously by the Denton city council in May of 2014. Why the delay? Denton needed the time to put up signs warning drivers as well as a direct mail awareness campaign.

The new ordinance still allows for phone calls and GPS use, but requires phones to be mounted as to avoid the driver’s need to take their eyes off the road. Use of cell phones is still banned in school zones.

As car accident attorneys who have seen firsthand the tragedy that distracted driving causes, we applaud Denton for taking this epidemic seriously. Numerous studies have shown the dangers of texting behind the wheel and if it takes the threat of a fine to motivate drivers to think about safety first, we are all for it.

Hopefully, the state of Texas will follow the lead of cities like Denton, Austin and Arlington and pass a statewide ban on texting behind the wheel. It’s as dangerous as drinking and driving and it’s high time it’s treated as much.