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Who are the Parties Involved in a Truck Wreck Lawsuit in Dallas?

Truck WreckTruck accident injuries increased in 2012 by nearly 18%. There were a total of 104,000 people injured as a result of these accidents. Most of the injuries that occurred were sustained by the car passengers or drivers that were also involved in the accident. Of the 104,000 people injured in truck accidents, 73% were occupants of other vehicles while only 24% were drivers and other occupants of the large trucks. Three percent of those injured were bystanders, such as pedestrians or bicyclists. The statistics are very similar for those who are killed by trucking accidents. That means that the truck driver is three times less likely to be injured in a trucking accident than those who are in cars.

When wrecks occur, they are often because the truck was rear-ended by another vehicle. But there are lots of other reasons that a trucking accident could occur, and it may depend on the parties involved in the accident. The following is a short list of potential parties that could be involved in any trucking accident. Talk to your truck accident lawyer for in depth details of who will be involved in your case.

The Truck Driver

Obviously, the truck driver is almost always involved in any trucking accident lawsuit. The truck driver was at the scene of the accident and was supposed to have control of the truck during the accident. Any time that a truck driver acts recklessly or irresponsibly while driving, and it causes an accident, the truck driver will likely be involved in the lawsuit.

The Truck Driver’s Employer/The Owner of the Truck

Usually large trucks on the road belong to a company or were doing work for a company when the accident occurred. That means that the company must be involved with the lawsuit because they are responsible for the actions of their employees. Even if the truck driver is a contractor (and not an actual employee), the company may be involved. A couple of the major issues that the company will have to be involved with are the truck load and the truck driver’s training. They will also be liable if the company knew or had reason to know that the truck driver working for them was unsafe or reckless (such as hiring a truck driver who they knew had several past accidents that were the truck driver’s fault).

The Repair Company or the Vehicle Manufacturer

Occasionally, truck accidents occur because something on the truck was not repaired properly or was not working as it should, such as the brakes or steering capabilities. When this occurs, then the lawsuit will also have to involve either the repair company who fixed the part last or the manufacturer of the part or truck. If both the repair company or vehicle manufacturer and the truck driver were in the wrong, then it is possible that they would share the responsibility in the accident as well.

Government Entities

Accidents occasionally occur because government entities did not properly maintain the road. For example, if a stop sign fell over, but was not replaced, and car or truck ran through that area (because they did not know that there should be a stop sign), then the government entity that should have maintained that stop sign may be at least partially liable.

The parties involved in a trucking lawsuit will vary depending on the individual situation. Contact a truck accident attorney here at our firm to discuss your case today.